Dubai Ferris Wheel Accident

Dubai Ferris Wheel Accident Brings Safety Standards Under Review

Earlier this year, there was an accident that took place at the Dubai Ferris Wheel. The accident occurred when the hydraulic wire that was used to control the wheel broke. Three people were arrested in connection with the incident.

Three people arrested for the accident

Almost three weeks after a man died in an accident at Global Village, three men have been arrested. The three men are believed to have been assaulted with different objects. The accident has brought the safety standards of amusement parks under scrutiny.

Global Village management has assured officials that it is cooperating with authorities and will provide full support in the investigation. The rides area at Global Village has been shut down and all rides are suspended. The ride operators have promised that they will be able to resume operations within a few days. A team of safety inspectors are investigating the incident.

The Global Village rides area is operated by Freij Entertainment. The company says it has a “zero tolerance” policy for safety breaches. It has announced that it will fully cooperate with authorities, including the police. The company has not confirmed whether all rides will be suspended. It has also said that it has a “strong track record” of conducting safety inspections.

Structure used 11,200 tonnes of steel to build

Despite its relatively modest size, the structure that was built for the Dubai ferris wheel was a pretty impressive feat of engineering. Its main component is a giant wheel made from 11,200 tonnes of steel. That is 33 percent more steel than the iron found in the Eiffel Tower. The wheel is a bit more than 250 metres high and has a diameter of 135 metres. It can hold up to 1,750 passengers at any one time.

The wheel has two components, a rim segment that is attached to a spindle. This spindle is what allowed the wheel to spin. This is the same concept used to spin the wheel of gold, the one found in the Taj Mahal. This wheel has the most complex rotation of any ferris wheel in the world. The wheel can rotate in about 38 minutes. The other component is a 300-tonne truss that acts as a base for the wheel.

The largest components of the wheel were installed by Mammoet, a Belgian company. They used a world record-breaking crane to lift the large pieces from a barge. The crane, which was paired with a 3000-tonne crawler crane, is the world’s largest.

Hydraulic wire of the joyride broke down

During a recent joyride fair at Dubai’s Dubai World Trade Center, a hydraulic wire broke and the wheel spindled freewheeling causing 35 people to go flying. The wheel is part of a larger tourism project in the UAE capital. The wheel was originally slated to open last year, but was put on hold due to the COVID-19 code. The wheel has 48 cabins and accommodates up to 1,750 passengers. Each cabin takes 38 minutes to complete a full rotation.

Ain Dubai is the largest observation wheel in the world. The wheel measures 250 metres from the ground to the top of the rim. It uses 107 separate 9mm thick wires to create its spokes. The wheel is also the largest steel structure in the world and uses 7,500 tonnes of steel. Its central hub is 126 metres above the ground. The wheel is anchored to the ground by foundation pilings that had to be driven 35 metres below bedrock.

Cause of the accident

Upon the collapse of the Dubai ferris wheel, authorities have launched a full investigation into the accident. The UAE-based fun fair company has cooperated with the police investigation and the ride has been suspended until further notice. A team of safety inspectors was also present at the scene of the accident. According to reports, the wheel collapsed under strong winds. There were also 20 people injured in the incident. The injured have been transported to local hospitals. However, there are no ambulances at the fairgrounds.

According to a local source, the man who died in the accident was Abdullah Mohammad Al Habsi. A metal rod attached to the ferris wheel struck him on the head. The police have arrested three people for the incident. The CEO of Global Village has met with his staff to discuss the working process and to provide full support to the official authorities in the investigation. In the meantime, the rides area has been closed.

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