Driving In Short Skirt

Driving in Short Skirts and Miniskirts in the 1970s

During the 1970s, you may have heard about people driving in short skirts or miniskirts. If you were a girl back then, you may have even been the one to drive in them. Then, you have a lesson to learn.


During the sixties, women had the opportunity to wear short skirts that sat just above the knee. This was a significant development as miniskirts had remained a rarefied item amongst other fashion items.

Aside from the short skirts, women also wore microminis. These were small, short skirts worn by dancers, cheerleaders and female athletes.

One of the more significant developments in the miniskirt was the fact that designers were now able to mass-produce their designs. Quant was one of the first designers to create a collection of modern mini skirts. Her designs were extremely popular with women in Britain and Europe. She even received the Order of the British Empire for her contributions to fashion.

Another major development in the miniskirt was the introduction of hip-yoked styles. Designer Norma Kamali introduced the hip-yoked look in 1979. These minidresses, which sat on the hips, were very popular during the early eighties.

During the seventies, short skirts for women were worn by female athletes. Female tennis players also wore short skirts. During the late 1960s, miniskirts were also worn by cheerleaders.

Although miniskirts were not as popular as they once were, women continued to wear them for years after the sixties. They were one of the few items of clothing that were never banned by the Vatican.


Throughout the 1970s, many women wore skirts that covered their knees. These skirts were sometimes called miniskirts. Nevertheless, miniskirts were a very small part of mainstream fashion in the 1970s.

Women were pressured to switch to skirts with longer hems in the 1970s. By the 1980s, miniskirts had been largely abandoned as the favored length for women. But, in 1983, slim, straight miniskirts started to gain popularity.

In the mid-seventies, calf-length skirts became a favored style. Often slit, calf-length skirts were often made of lighter fabrics. In the early eighties, they were redesigned by Kenzo and made to look fuller.

During the 1970s, men wore suits in bright colors and plaid patterns. They also wore sportswear, such as tracksuits made from polyester. Some men also wore tie-dyed sweaters.

During the 1970s, men also wore afros. Afros were worn by all races during the 1970s, and are considered a classic 1970s look. During this time, men could wear their hair in a ponytail, or they could choose to tie their hair into a knot in a square knot. During this time, men could wear low-profile athletic shoes. These shoes were often made of exotic leather.

In the 1970s, men also wore button-down dress shirts with large collars. These shirts had plunging necklines, and were often made of cotton or jersey. Some men also wore silk neck scarves. These neck scarves could be worn unbuttoned at night.

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