Drew Barrymore Teeth

Drew Barrymore Teeth Revealed

When it comes to Drew Barrymore’s teeth, there are some questions that people are left with. While she has a nice smile, there are some problems with her mouth. For one, she has a yellow tone to her teeth, and her front teeth are fake. In addition to that, she wears false teeth and a prosthetic nose.

Drew Carey recently admitted to her dental challenges in a social media post, and the news garnered a lot of support from fans. She told fans that she doesn’t have perfect teeth due to her genes, and that she works with what she has. In the video, she explains that her teeth aren’t big horse teeth.

The actress, known for her roles in movies like E.T. and Ever After, is now a TV show host on CBS. Her recent vlog revealed her morning brushing ritual, and she managed to do so without making it look embarrassing. The actress, a mom of two, is known for being incredibly down-to-earth, and fans appreciated that she’s not ashamed of having imperfect teeth.

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