Dr Steven Castle

Dr Steven Castle, DO – Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Steven Castle, DO is an Internal Medicine specialist located in Colorado Springs. Currently practicing at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central and accepting multiple insurance plans. Educated at Ohio State University.

Steven Castle enjoys writing, travel and koalas; in particular, they’re big fans. Additionally, he plays football.

Early Life and Education

Steven Castle was raised in rural snow country along the Mohawk River, an area rich with history which he draws inspiration from when painting nostalgic snow and country scenes.

He joined USDA-ARS in 1992, where he worked on the sweetpotato whitefly pest, an invasive organism which had devastated cotton and other crops. At that time he also secured external funding either alone or as part of teams for research projects.

He published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented his research at various professional conferences and symposia.

Professional Career

Steve Castle was born April 14th 1949 to Charles and Gladys Hartley Castle of Bakersfield, California. As a child he enjoyed riding dirt bikes and playing beach games with friends. Later he discovered camping as well as all genres of music as he spent more time outside and with his pets.

He was a professional footballer who represented Leyton Orient over three different stints, playing central midfield with an eye for goal and an aggressive style of play that made him very popular with club fans.

He is currently the manager of Royston Town in Hertfordshire and boasts an excellent record with them, playing a major role in shaping young player development as well as extensive coaching experience. Furthermore, Healthgrades rates him very highly.

Achievement and Honors

Dr. Castle received the National Medal of Science and American Chemical Society Distinguished Scientific Achievement Awards. Additionally, he presented his research at numerous professional conferences and symposiums.

He held positions at both ARS Boyden Lab in Riverside and UC-Riverside where he assisted in developing management systems to combat exotic pests of vegetables, melons, cotton crops, citrus trees, table grapes and wine grapes. In total he has written over one hundred publications and book chapters.

Castle enjoys hunting, fishing and recreational sports as hobbies in his free time, traveling with his family as he does so, owning several classic cars of his own and competing in motorsports events – often under different aliases such as Steven Lambert Myles or three unnamed names.

Personal Life

Steve Castle is a watercolor artist who travels the back roads in search of old ghost towns, train depots and barns that he can capture the spirit of through painting. Additionally, Steve played professionally in the Football League for three spells with Leyton Orient.

Dr. Smith holds an outstanding patient satisfaction rating with 4.5/5 stars on Healthgrades. He accepts many forms of insurance coverage and maintains offices in Greeley and Fort Collins, Colorado.

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