Does Hoda Kotb Still Have Dog Blake

Does Hoda Kotb Still Have Dog Blake?

Hoda Kotb’s dog Blake is still around, and she’s shared a photo of him on Instagram. Kotb named him after Blake Shelton, who is a friend of her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman. While the two of them are no longer together, they still share the same passion for dogs. Blake is a patterdale terrier and requires very little maintenance. Blake is also an excellent family pet. He’s originally from England.

Blake is a very protective dog and was known to alert Hoda Kotb when she forgot to turn on the baby monitor. She also recently talked about being a stay-at-home mom and gave a shout-out to stay-at-home moms. In addition to her protective dog, Kotb has three kids.

Kotb also has another pet, and she has been teasing the public about it. Since the birth of her daughter, Hoda has been getting visits from fellow TODAY anchors, such as Meredith Vieira and Savannah Guthrie. She also revealed the name of her daughter, and the father of her baby is Joel Schiffman.

After many visits to her house, the anchor has added another pet to her family. Blake, named after Blake Shelton, is a loyal, protective watchdog who also serves as the family pet. The dog and Kotb have become very close and became fast friends.

Hoda Kotb has been in a long-term relationship with Joel Schiffman. The two met while Schiffman was autographing a book for Kotb in 2013. Later, the two started exchanging emails and met for their first date. A few weeks later, they became lovers.

Kotb and Schiffman have been living together for a few years. Kotb initially hid their relationship and called Schiffman Boots to make the relationship more discreet. However, the relationship became public when the Daily Mail released pictures of the couple on a beach. The couple have two daughters and a home on Long Island. Their home boasts an open living room, a rustic wooden kitchen and soft linen sofas. They also display children’s art on their fridge.

After his win on The Voice, Chevel Shepherd has been busy working on new music and honing her country sound. She also gives a birthday shout-out to her dog. Unlike Chevel, Hoda Kotb still has dog Blake in her life.

Aside from being a wonderful celebrity pet, Hoda Kotb has also been promoting the importance of dog adoption. The “Today” host reportedly adopted a black-and-white cockapoo from a Chicago animal shelter. She named him Goldfish because she wanted a pup that would sleep a lot.

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