Does He Miss Me Tarot

Does He Miss Me? Tarot Readings to Find Out

The first step in understanding whether your boyfriend misses you is to take a tarot reading. You’ll need to cleanse your cards and think about him in detail before beginning your reading. The first card you draw will tell you what he thought of you when he last saw you. This is useful information for figuring out what to do to get him to reach out to you again.

The next step is to pull one card from the tarot deck and consider it. If the card is upright, it means that he misses you. If it’s reversed, it means that he doesn’t miss you. If you’re not sure which card you’re going to pull, think about the question you’re asking.

The next step is to decide what’s causing the gap between you and your lover. A large gap could mean that the relationship is suffering. A smaller gap could be a sign that you’re finding it difficult to close distance or reach out to him. Lastly, the tarot reading can help you figure out how to fix your relationship.

If you’re wondering if your ex has moved on and is not missing you, take a tarot reading to find out. Depending on your reading, you might learn about your ex’s thoughts on the relationship. If the first card is positive, it might indicate that your ex misses you, or at least still sees you in a positive light.

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to determine the status of your relationship. You can use intuition and feelings to determine how well your relationship is going. You can use online tools to spread a deck or consult a psychic. Then, you can refer to the answers in the following sections.

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