Dillon Carmichael Net Worth

Dillon Carmichael Net Worth

Throughout the years, Dillon Carmichael has been able to make a name for himself in the music industry. He has released a number of songs, but he is most known for his role as ‘Son of A’ in the hit movie, Hell on an Angel. He has also been nominated for a number of awards, including the Golden Globe.

Early life

Known for his distinctive voice, Dillon Carmichael was raised in a Kentucky family that is deeply rooted in Southern music. His parents were singers, and his grandfather was a country picker on the Grand Ole Opry. His uncles are Eddie Montgomery and John Michael Montgomery, who are both successful country musicians.

After finishing high school, Carmichael relocated to Nashville, where he learned how to write songs and played a few informal gigs. When a Nashville publishing house representative offered to sign him, Carmichael decided to move to Music City as soon as possible. He was 18 years old when he finally made it. His debut album, Hell on an Angel, was released last year.

Carmichael is known for his deep and rich voice. He’s also known for his ability to find new ways to take classic country music tropes and bring them back to life. He’s been compared to artists such as Shooter Jennings and Chris Stapleton. He also has a knack for finding a balance between classic country storytelling and Southern rock flair.


Having grown up in the music-loving family of musicians, Dillon Carmichael has paved his way to a career in country music. His uncles are Eddie Montgomery and John Michael Montgomery, both of whom have made it big in the music industry. His parents were singers, and his grandfather was a country picker on the Grand Ole Opry.

After graduating from high school, Carmichael moved to Nashville as a songwriter. He landed a publishing deal with Nashville publishing house representative Jennifer Johnson. She was impressed with Carmichael’s voice and writing ability.

He signed with Riser House in September 2017. The company partnered with Sony Red to create a record label. He has worked with Dann Huff, Phil O’Donnell, and Ashley Gorley. His debut album Hell on an Angel won over both fans and critics.


Among the many reasons to love Dillon Carmichael is the fact that he’s from a family that’s a big part of country music history. His grandparents were country pickers and his mom is a top-notch country vocalist. He was raised in a small town in Kentucky and grew up with a love for country music and a family that was always a part of it.

Carmichael started writing songs as a teenager and played solo gigs around Kentucky. He also played in a band that played talent shows. When Carmichael graduated high school, he decided to move to Nashville as a songwriter. Eventually, he was offered a publishing deal with Jennifer Johnson.

In the past year, Carmichael has toured with Justin Moore, The Cadillac Three, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Rodney Atkins. He’s also released a single that’s climbing the country radio charts.

Hell On An Angel

Whether you are a country fan or not, Dillon Carmichael has an enchanting voice and a tasteful blend of outlaw country and Southern rock flair. With his debut album Hell on an Angel, Carmichael proved that he was much more than an artist.

He is also an accomplished songwriter. In fact, Carmichael has racked up millions of Spotify streams. His music has also been compared to that of Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson. His songs have also landed him on the Billboard Artist To Watch list.

Carmichael grew up in a musical household. His mother is a gifted singer and his father is a member of the Southern Gospel Quartet. He started playing guitar at age eleven. He also learned to write songs and signed a publishing deal when he was 17.

After graduating from high school, Carmichael moved to Nashville to pursue his music career. His early Nashville experiences inspired him to stay true to his roots. He began cutting a series of upbeat and hilarious country songs. He also collaborated with songwriters such as Robert Jason Young and Travis Tritt.

‘Son of A’

‘Son of A’ singer and songwriter Dillon Carmichael has released a new album this year, Hell on an Angel. It’s a collection of songs that focuses on the concept of home and family. Carmichael has received a number of positive reviews for his new music.

Born in Kentucky, Carmichael grew up in a musical family. His mother is a singer, and his uncles have been successful in country music. Carmichael started to play guitar at age 11, which was a big step in his musical career.

After his high school graduation, Carmichael signed a publishing deal. This gave him his first experience living in a big city. He then went on to play guitar in a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band. He also worked as a security guard at the Grand Ole Opry. It was there that he met Shayla Whitson. Carmichael proposed to her during a photoshoot. She accepted the proposal.

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