Did Jane Pauley Have A Facelift

Did Jane Pauley Have a Facelift?

Whether or not Jane Pauley had a facelift depends on what you believe is best. Whether you are convinced that the actress had a facelift because of her mood swings, or because she wanted to stretch out her skin on her face, there is no denying that she looks different. Here are some things you need to know about her appearance before you can make your own decision.

Was it to stretch out her skin on the face?

Speculations abound about whether Jane Pauley has undergone some sort of facial enhancement. A recent visit to a facial cosmetic surgeon has been reported, but she hasn’t revealed any of the details.

Jane Pauley was the first female host of CBS Sunday Morning in over 20 years. She replaced Charles Osgood in 2016, and is scheduled to remain in the position until 2022. Her career in broadcast news spans over 30 years. She started as a news reporter for NBC, and later worked on the Today show and Dateline NBC. She also has two children. She’s married to visual artist Garry Trudeau. They have been married since June 14, 1980.

Jane Pauley’s face looks fresh, if not a little gimmicky for her age. Her forehead is smooth, her chin is sharp and her lips aren’t thinned out like a young person. She also has full cheeks. Her eyes aren’t overly dark, but she has a hint of crow’s eye.

Was it to stabilize her mood swings?

Almost five years after she had a facelift, Jane Pauley is still working as an anchor on CBS’ Sunday Morning. She is known for her warm personality and reporting skills, as well as her battle with bipolar disorder. She is also a champion for mental health.

Jane was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her late 40s. Her condition was triggered by a rare reaction to prescription drugs. She spent three weeks in a psychiatric clinic in New York City.

She was prescribed lithium medication to help stabilize her mood swings. Her psychiatric treatment was effective. She has not had an episode since taking the medication.

She says she is looking forward to the next phase of her life. Her house has been sold and she plans to move into a more modest apartment. Her daughter Rickie is living with her in the meantime. She says she is planning to reinvent herself for the next phase.

Is she wearing a bow tie on “CBS News Sunday Morning”?

NBC’s Today show’s former anchor Jane Pauley will take over for retired CBS News Sunday Morning host Charles Osgood this weekend. Osgood retired from the program after 22 years as an anchor. Osgood’s final show will air on Sunday.

Sunday Morning is the most watched program on Sunday morning, averaging almost six million viewers. Pauley has been a contributor to the show since 2014, and is now set to take over as host.

Sunday Morning also featured a special report on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, featuring interviews with concertgoers and Bill Flanagan, a former commentator on the event. Also on the program were reports on the “Pink Wave” of midterm elections, and the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

This weekend’s program also features Richard Schlesinger’s cover story on the restoration of a World War II C-47 transport. A new documentary on the legendary newsman Mike Wallace is also featured. In another feature, David Martin looks back at the largest battle of the Korean War.

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