Dc Protests This Weekend

DC Protests This Weekend

This weekend, the capital will see several large-scale protests against the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. The first will be held at McPherson Square on Saturday, where protests have been held in the past. The event will feature speakers from different organizations, a vigil, and live music and food. Many protesters have also gone as far as holding demonstrations at the homes of the justices, including Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s residence in Chevy Chase on the weekend and Justice Samuel Alito’s home in Alexandria on Tuesday night. Although ShutdownDC has not officially organized the protests this weekend, DCist was told by them that they intend to be there.

A man used a banner to make a tent on the Douglass Bridge on Friday. He was charged with Unlawful Entry and Crowding and Obstructing Policing, and Failure to obey Police. The police responded to the protest by making arrests. In addition to the Saturday protests, there were two other large protests in Washington on Sunday. In addition, protests will take place in other cities throughout the country.

This weekend, a coalition of anarchists and anti-capitalists is planning a “festive and rowdy” march. The demonstration will begin at Franklin Square at 12:20 p.m. Protesters will march through the streets, turning back on President Bush as they pass by. The group hopes that the demonstration will draw attention to voter suppression and voter fraud he allegedly engaged during the 2004 election. There will also be a counter-inaugural ball on Monday night.

The Women’s March in D.C. is part of a Summer of Rage, a nationwide protest that is in reaction to the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. It is expected to draw thousands of protesters. Although it is not yet known how many police officers will be present, there will be a vigil at the march. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in one of these protests!

On Saturday, tens of thousands of protesters are expected to turn out in D.C. to express their anger and frustration over the election. They plan to vandalize monuments and block streets on the National Mall. A large contingent of activists are planning a People’s Watch Party in the park, complete with food trucks, speakers, and jumbotrons. The event is free and open to the public, and aims to make the presidential election fair and transparent.

In addition to the Women’s March protest in DC, there will also be several other events in the city this weekend. The protests will take place following the Supreme Court’s decision not to overturn Roe V. Wade. The Women’s March organizers plan to draw over ten thousand people and will touch many different places in the city. You can also attend the Women’s March and participate in the sit-in at the White House.

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