Dazed And Confused Paddle

Dazed and Confused Paddle

The Dazed and Confused Paddle is a beautiful piece of movie memorabilia. The paddle is made of maple wood and measures approximately 2 inches in length. It has been hand-painted. It is protected with a polyurethane seal, bee’s wax finish and a bee’s wax finish. It is available for $25 for a set of three. Other memorabilia from this movie include a map of the campus and freshman initiators.

The movie has become a cult classic and is still just as entertaining on its 25th anniversary. The film follows the lives of two high school seniors who spend their summers hazing and paddling the incoming freshman boys. Senior girls, on the contrary, haze and pant the freshmen with mustard and mayonnaise and force them to make a proposal to senior boys. It’s hilarious and still makes you smile.

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