David Zylstra

David Zylstra

David Zylstra was well known for his laid back nature and dry sense of humor, while being a devout man of God who enjoyed biking, traveling, camping and eating delicious food. Additionally he loved ancient history as well as marveling in His creative works.

Over his career, Pastor Van Dam served five Christian Reformed churches as pastor and two educational boards: Dordt College (now University) and Calvin College.

Early Life and Education

David Zylstra was one of eight siblings with strong bonds among them and enjoyed good company. A hard worker himself, David often worked three jobs to support his family financially.

As a man of faith, he was an incredible husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. His dedication was evident as he gave back generously through charitable causes in his lifetime.

An avid student of ancient history, he delighted in God’s beautiful world of forests, fields, mountains and lakes filled with all sorts of animals from forests and fields to forests and fields, lakes and animals of every variety. He enjoyed traveling, biking and camping – as well as serving on Dordt College and Calvin College (now University) boards – before being ordained pastor over five Christian Reformed Churches between 1974 and 2017. Finally retiring in 2017,

Professional Career

David Zylstra is currently Principal of Oak Harbor Christian School in Ridgefield and has served in his role for thirteen years as both teacher and administrator at the school.

He is an avid supporter of the Minnesota Vikings and Randy Moss in particular, graduating from Lynden Christian School and going on to attend Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

At present, he oversees a staff of 40 people in his current role and his responsibilities include leading the school’s strategic planning process, budgeting and human resources functions as well as serving as liaison between administration and Board of Trustees. Through this position, he has formed strong networks of colleagues that support him professionally as well as being team players himself.

Achievement and Honors

David Zylstra stands out in a world that often lacks confidence, teaching his son and others that there is no greater source of strength than Jesus Christ.

He had a special way of helping those in need, such as providing medical insurance premiums to a family without enough income to cover medical bills – without ever expecting payment in return.

Zylstra was an accomplished runner at Western Michigan University (WMU), winning both 10k and steeplechase at WMU to claim two Mid-American Conference (MAC) championships and qualifying twice for NCAA Championships (including finishing second at Penn Relays 1979) in steeplechase. However, his standout contribution came through his work within his community – something recognized with him receiving WMU athletics’ most prestigious award: Jim Frye Award for Service.

Personal Life

David Zylstra led an extraordinary life, taking great delight in serving God and family through faith and family responsibilities. A natural leader, he dedicated his time and resources towards his family, community and country.

As a church musician, he was blessed with extraordinary musical ability that he shared with thousands. Additionally, he was an extremely hard-working individual, often working three jobs to support his family while making Christian Education his priority.

He found great pleasure in creating art during his free time and often added whimsical elements to it, drawing influence from Paul Klee to Van Gogh and using recycled materials such as paper, wood and book covers as well as found objects.

Net Worth

David Zylstra is an NFL wide receiver that was recently signed to Detroit Lions practice squad. At 29 years old he has appeared in 53 NFL games; most recently with Carolina.

Zylstra was an invaluable player during his time with the Panthers, catching 18 passes for 250 yards and scoring one touchdown – showing his value to his team. Now with Lions needing depth at wide receiver, Zylstra may fill this role perfectly.

Music was his great passion; he sang baritone in the Minnesota Chorale and served as president of both Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra Chorus and Prairie Arts Chorale. Additionally, he enjoyed ancient history as well as marveling at God’s wonderful world of forests, fields, mountains lakes rivers and animals of every variety.

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