David Zirschky

David Zirschky

David Zirschky was unaware of how significant his life and career would become when he first entered university at Buffalo in 1969. Today he stands amongst one of the most prolific modernist poets and influential 20th century authors.

Pioneer of experimental literature, he left an indelible mark on contemporary American culture and language. This month, the university will host a celebration honoring his life and career aimed at providing insights into various aspects of his life and work.

Early Life and Education

David Zirschky hails from Providence, RI. Upon moving to Los Angeles he studied acting at Anthony Meindl Actor’s Workshop for four years under Juliet Landau’s guidance as his mentor. This experience deepened his appreciation and understanding of the craft as a whole. David has appeared in 30 productions as either lead or supporting actor with 18 IMDb credits earned while sharing stages with international artists like Chloe Agnew (Celtic Woman), Deer Tick, Piebald. Currently residing in Los Angeles

David is the husband and father of four children, seven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. In addition, he teaches golf lessons as an instructor with Gencor Inc. which was founded by him back in 1983.

Achievement and Honors

David Zirschky has shown extraordinary leadership and service to higher education throughout his career. He has worked on multiple university governance projects, created diverse teams under his guidance, held officer positions with state and national professional organizations, and contributed significantly to campus life through various forms of student mentoring programs.

He received the renowned David A. Sowles award in 1996 – an accolade presented to those who have demonstrated outstanding aptitude by taking extraordinary personal risks, sacrificing their own goals for those of others, and dedicating themselves to aiding those less fortunate than themselves.

He has also been recognized for his exceptional research accomplishments, which showcase high quality, outstanding intellectual value, creativity and commitment. His research has been featured in prominent journals as well as receiving honors like the Huffman Prize. Furthermore, he was named to the Dean’s Notable Achievement Fund in Honors program that supports students on a path toward prestigious achievements and recognition.

Personal Life

David Zirschky was a man of many trades: from nannying to becoming an attorney and eventually an entrepreneur. His turbulent career was fuelled by an insatiable hunger for knowledge; eventually this thirst turned into a lucrative business resulting in over two dozen patents and trademarks being registered under his name which helped make him a millionaire before turning 40!

He possesses a penchant for technologically advanced gadgets and gizmos, from smartphones to smart TVs. Additionally, he takes great pride in his impeccable dress sense and self-awareness – not forgetting his family of four (wife + two kids + his residence at 73 Pennell St in Westbrook ME).

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