David Woodburn

David Woodburn

David Woodburn has established a successful legal practice that encompasses estate planning, probate and business succession. He strives to craft estate plans tailored to his clients’ individual needs, such as reducing estate tax liabilities and protecting wealth for desired beneficiaries.

He takes an active role in his community, volunteering for local charities and serving on the board of a retirement center. He takes pleasure in putting together clients’ financial lives to create secure estates that protect their loved ones and assets.

Early Life and Education

David Woodburn has a distinguished career in public service. For 35 years, he served as library administrator in Mississippi, working with libraries throughout Jefferson Parish and Hancock County.

He served as director of the South Delta Library System for five years, ensuring all Mississippians had access to high quality library services. His efforts have earned him numerous awards as a library administrator, including helping get Ricks Memorial Library in Yazoo City listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Woodburn, who has been a teacher at Saint Mary’s since 2003, will retire this year. He specialized in third and fifth grades and was renowned for his creative teaching methods – such as sending his students on pen pal trips to Alaska!

Professional Career

Dave Woodburn is a licensed dentist who earned his doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. After serving three years with the United States Public Health Service as a dentist in Rio Grande City, Texas, he returned home and opened up his private dental practice in Amarillo.

He is a member of both the American Dental Association and Panhandle Dental Association, as well as participating in medical mission trips to provide dental care to underserved communities around the United States and beyond.

Dave assists individuals and business owners in creating plans that minimize estate tax exposure while maximizing wealth preservation for desired heirs. He also handles probate litigation and inheritance controversies.

Achievement and Honors

David Woodburn has achieved a number of accolades throughout his career. He currently serves as CEO for Chromatin, an international sorghum seed breeder and marketer, while also having extensive expertise in finance, product development and business planning within the life sciences industries.

Woodburn is currently employed by Chromatin’s Board of Directors, working to craft business plans that enable profitable expansion. Furthermore, he helps formulate product development strategies for Chromatin’s new hybrid sorghum seeds.

His accomplishments as a teacher at Saint Mary’s for 19 years stand as another testament to his abilities.

He takes great joy in teaching his students about the lives of famous individuals from different eras, particularly those who have advocated for freedom and equality. Additionally, he encourages them to read; his classroom boasts a collection of books about such individuals. Furthermore, he’s organized visits from Holocaust survivors so they can share their stories with his pupils.

Personal Life

David Woodburn is a lawyer who assists individuals with their financial estates. He takes great pleasure in creating secure packages for his clients that protect their investments and assets.

He enjoys traveling, playing sports and spending quality time with his family. Additionally, he is actively involved in his church and community.

He loves spending time with his friends and is an active member of his local Rotary Club, volunteering for many years with Food4Kids organization.

He currently resides in Amarillo, Texas with his wife Alicia Pena and three children. A graduate of Amarillo College, he received his doctorate from the University of Texas Dental School in Houston and is a member of both the American Dental Association and Texas State Dental Association. Furthermore, he served on the board for Amarillo College Foundation from 2008 until 2011.

Net Worth

David Woodburn is an American actor with a net worth of $5 million. He has starred in multiple television series and earned himself numerous Emmy awards for his performances.

Furthermore, he is an advocate for disabled and little people’s rights. Additionally, he serves on the Screen Actors Guild Performers with Disabilities Committee.

He began his acting career when he was in high school and a friend persuaded him to join a production of Guys and Dolls. That experience forever altered his trajectory in life.

He currently works for ABC News as an anchor. He has earned praise for his stellar performance and been promoted several times. Furthermore, he travels frequently while covering different stories for the network.

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