David Waterman

David Waterman

David Waterman has been a founding member of the Endellion Quartet since 1979 and has also performed chamber music with members of former Amadeus, Belcea, Castalian, Chilingirian and Elias Quartets; Shmuel Ashkenasi, Joshua Bell, Imogen Cooper Jeremy Denk Julia Fischer Ivry Gitlis Isabelle Faust Steven Isserlis Mark Padmore Gabor Takacs-Nagy Sandor Vegh Tabea Zimmerman were among them all exceptional performers.

Early Life and Education

David Waterman, born in London, began his showbiz career as a child. After appearing for the Children’s Film Foundation, he was invited to join Stratford’s Royal Shakespeare Company. In his teens he achieved fame through BBC adaptation of Just William and then rose to become one of Britain’s biggest stars with roles in Minder and The Sweeney through the 1980s.

Waterman made his television debut as Terry McCann in Minder, which brought the criminal underbelly of west London to millions across the country. He also portrayed tough cop George Carter opposite John Thaw in The Sweeney and Gerry Standing in New Tricks.

Professional Career

David Waterman chose a career in law after graduating from undergraduate studies. He attended The University of Michigan Law School and was admitted to the bar in 1975.

He currently works as a partner at Lane & Waterman (the fifth generation in his family to practice law), where his litigation and appellate practice encompasses civil litigation, white collar criminal defense and government regulatory and compliance matters.

He is an accomplished real estate attorney with extensive experience representing both tenants and owners throughout Manhattan. His main strength lies in solving complex problems for his clients. Other duties include providing advice on maximising property value and making sure projects follow all applicable zoning and building codes.

Achievements and Honors

David Waterman has earned a variety of distinctions and awards throughout his career, most recently the Dan David Prize for his contributions to bioinformatics.

He has earned an award from the National Science Foundation for his research on planet detection within our solar system, in addition to many other accolades throughout his career.

He enjoys playing the cello and listening to music in his free time. As a founding member of the Endellion String Quartet, he has collaborated with numerous artists such as Joshua Bell, Lukacs Hagen, Steven Isserlis, Gabor Takacs-Nagy and Sandor Vegh from the former Amadeus Quartet.

Personal Life

David Waterman, born in London, began his showbiz career at a young age after joining the Children’s Film Foundation. He was later invited to Stratford’s Royal Shakespeare Company where he found success as the star of BBC adaptation of Just William during his teens.

Waterman had a prolific career on TV, featuring roles such as bodyguard Terry McCann in Minder and tough cop George Carter opposite John Thaw in The Sweeney. Additionally, he portrays Gerry Standing – a retired police officer brought back into service with the cold case squad – in New Tricks.

Waterman was renowned for his singing talents, performing the theme song to Minder and several other shows. He also featured in David Walliams’ comedy Little Britain where he was depicted as “a tiny Dennis Waterman”, who turned down roles if he couldn’t “write the theme tune and sing the theme tune”. Waterman leaves behind his wife Pam Flint and daughter Hannah to mourn his passing.

Net Worth

David Waterman was a renowned actor born on February 24th 1948 in Clapham, London. He renowned for his roles as tough cop George Carter in The Sweeney and bodyguard Terry McCann in The Minder. Additionally, he appeared in numerous other movies and theatre productions.

He was renowned for his powerful character roles. He always played a tough and determined individual who had more depth than meets the eye.

Waterman had an illustrious career in show business that spanned six decades. He began with a small role in Oliver Twist before blossoming into an internationally renowned TV star, appearing on shows such as The Sweeney and New Tricks. Tragically, Waterman passed away in 2022 at 74 years old.

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