David Wallimann

David Wallimann – Guitarist, Composer and Guitar Teacher

David Wallimann is an American musician, composer and guitar teacher renowned for his melodic yet intricate guitar-driven compositions.

He relocated to the US in order to pursue his musical career. He joined renowned progressive rock band Glass Hammer and recorded several studio albums as well as two live DVDs.

Early Life and Education

David Wallimann has achieved great success as an instrumental composer, guitar educator and product demonstrator. Beginning at a young age, the Franco-American developed an interest in instrumental music and composition; he also has perfected teaching techniques which he shares on his YouTube channel weekly. David has collaborated on several high profile projects while developing his craft of melodic intricate guitar drive compositions. As no stranger to the industry as Dweezil Zappa invited him to teach at his annual Dweezilla music camp every summer since.

Professional Career

David Wallimann is an experienced guitarist, composer and guitar educator. He teaches both solo and improvisation guitar lessons online, has released several instrumental music recordings with internationally-renowned progressive rock band Glass Hammer and hosts weekly videos on his popular YouTube channel. Additionally, Dweezil Zappa invited him to teach at his annual music camp where he’s currently working on a second solo album. David has a real passion for teaching, creating music as well as encouraging guitarists and students alike to improvise over maptracks created by himself.

David wallimann was born and raised in France, where he has spent most of his life. At 15 years old he began playing guitar and developed an interest in instrumental music and composition. A full scholarship student at CMA School of Music in Valenciennes, France, David graduated with high honors.

Achievements and Honors

David wallimann has achieved some incredible accomplishments throughout his life. He is an award-winning guitarist, composer and educator who began learning the guitar at 15 years old with a passion for music. He was endorsed by Ibanez and holds a professional diploma from CMA School of Music in Valenciennes, France; he won first place in Tal Farlow National French Jazz Contest; furthermore he was part of internationally acclaimed progressive rock band Glass Hammer.

He has taught at Dweezil Zappa’s annual music camp and continues to release solo recording projects. His musical influences are prog rock oriented and he is dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through his gift of music. Currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife, he enjoys performing locally and abroad.

Personal Life

David Wallimann is a guitarist, guitar educator, product demonstrator and entrepreneur. His website and award-winning YouTube channel have become iconic brands that empower and inspire thousands of guitar players to develop their unique soundscape. David is best known for his intricate yet accessible compositions for guitar. Additionally, he’s an engaging teacher who’s taught at Dweezil Zappa’s annual music camp. Originally from Aix-en-Provence in France, he now resides with his wife in Chattanooga Tennessee with his family. In addition to solo recordings released over time, David enjoys listening to symphonic progressive rock genre as much as playing it himself.

His teaching career has been the cornerstone of his success. Over the years, he has mentored thousands of guitar students to discover their true musical strengths and how to utilize their resources most effectively.

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