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David Topol – A Legendary Figure in Israeli Culture

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Born Chaim Topol, Chaim Topol is best known for playing Tevye the dairyman in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ over 3,500 times onstage and screen. Additionally, Topol appeared in Flash Gordon movie as well as co-starring with Roger Moore as Milos Columbo in ‘For Your Eyes Only.’

Early Life and Education

Topol was raised in a working-class neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel by his plasterer father and seamstress mother. After graduating high school in 1957 he attended Stanford University where he earned a bachelor of mechanical engineering.

He married Galia in 1965, and together they had three children. Alongside acting and producing films, Topol also wrote and produced many other movies as well as singing and providing voice over services for films and commercials.

Topol first became famous for his iconic portrayal of Tevye in the musical comedy-drama Fiddler on the Roof, performing over 3,500 times both onstage and screen. A true natural actor with folkish humor, commanding stage presence and strong vocal talent he quickly rose to stardom as Tevye.

Professional Career

Topol was an accomplished stage and screen performer best known for his role as Tevye in the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

He received a Golden Globe Award and Academy and Tony nominations for his performance in Galileo (1975) and Flash Gordon. Additionally, he was an extremely popular TV star, appearing frequently.

He began his career in the Israeli army where he joined an entertainment troupe before later founding his own satirical revue company. Once settled in Tel Aviv with wife Galia Finkelstein and three children, Topol went on to star in many productions both on stage and film; earning international acclaim along the way until his death in 2009.

Achievement and Honors

David Topol is a legendary figure in Israeli culture and cinema, best-known for his Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe win as Tevye in Norman Jewison’s 1971 film Fiddler on the Roof.

He has appeared in over 20 international films and is also an author, illustrator and satirist with many books published and magazines published under his name. Additionally, he sits on the board of Jordan River Village; an organization providing camps for Middle Eastern children living with life-threatening diseases.

He has received several honors throughout his career, such as the Jack Wolgin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Israeli Cinema and Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement. On Sunday August 11th at Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park he will accept these awards and introduce a screening of Sallah Shabati from 1965.

Personal Life

David Topol was an esteemed stage and screen actor during his long career, best-known for playing Tevye the milkman in Fiddler on the Roof musical theater production and subsequent film version (for which he received both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations).

Early in his life, Topol was raised in a working-class neighborhood of Tel Aviv. After enrolling in the Israeli army and later joining Nahal entertainment troupe.

After an overseas stint, Topol returned to Israel, where he primarily performed stage acting. He also appeared in various films such as Joseph Losey’s Galileo (1975) and Flash Gordon/James Bond: For Your Eyes Only by James Bond director Richard Donner and For Your Eyes Only with Dr. Hans Zarkov (1977).

In his later years, Topol devoted himself to charity work and founded Variety Israel as well as serving as president of Jordan River Village Camp for children with life-threatening diseases in Israel. On July 13, 2017 at age 87 he passed away.

Net Worth

Chaim Topol, best known for playing Tevye in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, passed away at age 87 on March 8. Throughout his long and distinguished career he amassed great wealth through his work.

He was also widely recognized for his charitable endeavors; he founded Variety Israel, a non-profit organization supporting children with special needs and their families.

Topol began his acting career during his Israeli army service with the Nahal troupe, before touring with kibbutz theatre and satirical theatre companies. His breakthrough role came with Israeli writer Ephraim Kishon’s film Sallah Shabati (1964), for which he received a Golden Globe award as most promising newcomer – male.

He became widely renowned for his portrayal of Tevye in both the 1971 film adaptation and stage productions of Fiddler on the Roof; between late 1966 and 2009, Topol estimated having performed this role over 3,500 times between performances he estimated as part of Mossad, Israel’s covert intelligence agency.

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