David Topel

David Topel – A Visionary Leader

David Topel was an innovative leader who transformed agricultural education, research, and outreach in Iowa and worldwide. He delivered numerous invited papers and seminars across Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Kenya as well as Canada, Mexico Costa Rica Russia Ukraine among many other places.

Early Life and Education

David was an exceptional individual in all aspects of life. A champion for international science and education, philanthropist who gifted numerous art pieces to Iowa State University Museum and traveler who visited over 60 countries; among his numerous honors were being named Distinguished Professor Emeritus as well as membership in Iowa State’s Order of the Knoll.

On July 25, 2022 at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa he died. Survivors include his wife Distinguished Professor Emeritus Jay-lin Jane-Topel (MS ’78) and sister Ellen Topel White from Waukesha Wisconsin as well as many extended family and friends. As a pioneer in the fields of swine health and nutrition as well as an accomplished writer/researcher/leader within science & technology fields he will be remembered fondly.

Professional Career

David Topel was an internationally acclaimed scholar and advocate of global scientific research. His travels took him to more than 60 nations for his studies, while also dedicating both time and resources towards building international understanding among diverse cultures.

He earned multiple honors and awards throughout his career, such as being named a Distinguished Scientist by the National Academy of Sciences and receiving Iowa State University’s Order of the Knoll Award.

At CJA, he works on research projects related to homicide and violence determinants, spatial analysis and equal access to justice. Additionally, his interests lie in mapping and visualizing data as well as using behavioral science techniques for improving pretrial release decision making processes and measures of justice equality. Outside the office, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Achievement and Honors

David Topel was a proud member of Iowa State University faculty for over four decades. A passionate advocate for science research that helped shape our state, Topel’s contributions were numerous in both ag department scholarly contributions as well as international collaboration projects that earned him recognition with ISU being named as its inaugural Distinguished University Professor award. Topel’s most noteworthy accomplishment was founding an innovative plant science institute that became home for some of the nation’s most successful pilot crop trials and received honorable mention for “Most Improved Plant Science Research Program Award.”

Personal Life

Topel was an international human rights activist, author and filmmaker as well as lawyer and community builder. With more than four decades of experience in Social Justice Advocacy he is best known as author of two works; The Heart of a Leader: The ’72 Biden Senate Campaign – Lessons from a Youth-Driven Upset as well as 2020 from Squatch Creative Pub.

He led international collaboration on scientific research, helping improve lives throughout the globe. Additionally, he donated hundreds of art collections to Iowa State University’s Brunnier Art Museum so students and residents could gain exposure to different cultures. In recognition of his contributions he was honored multiple times by its Board of Directors with multiple honors.

Net Worth

David Topel is a popular fashion model and gym trainer known for his amazing physique and charming personality. Topel has amassed an estimated net worth of $450K as of 2021 from working in fashion and fitness industries; most of his income comes from brand endorsements, modeling campaigns, business ventures and providing fitness lessons directly. Born 11 March 1999 in Boca Raton Florida; at 22 years old and 5 feet 10 inches in height (75 kg).

He was charged with willfully attempting to evade and defeat federal income taxes in 1971 and 1972 in violation of 26 U.S.C. SS 7203. On appeal, he claims the district court committed errors by failing to dismiss his indictment on grounds of improper testimony by a Government agent; failing to instruct the jury on the difference between “net worth” and “specific item” methods of proving income tax liability when the Government attempted to use only “net worth” method; failing to grant relief because Government breached contract with third party by presenting certain evidence before grand jury; and failing to grant relief on ground of breach of contract between parties involved by introducing certain evidence presented before grand jury.

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