David Timko

David Timko – Bass Producer and Documentary Filmmaker

Cleveland bass producer david Timko stands out as an innovative and skilled producer within the underground music scene, known for his incredible sonic storytelling ability as evident on his debut LP “Transformation”.

The creator of Luminyst (formerly SLAVE) has produced an album which is both intuitive and mature from start to finish, drawing listeners towards it like sirens calling listeners back home.

Early Life and Education

David Timko was born March 24th 1949 in Munhall, Pennsylvania and attended Monroe High School before going on to earn his Bachelors in English/secondary Education from Grove City College.

Dave was an eclectic individual who had many interests and activities in his life. He was known for his strong work ethic, impressive achievements, and ability to make others feel appreciated. Tragically he passed away at 72, leaving behind his wife Missi Hammer; daughter Emily McGlon (and husband Matt), Lauren DeSarno and Nicholas; sister Judi Harland and six grandchildren: Dominic, Lila Chase Maya Paige Justin

Professional Career

Dave Timko is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with almost three decades of long form storytelling experience. He co-created over 40 documentaries for CNN focusing on first person narratives of contemporary stories that are relevant.

He has received five National Emmy Awards and one Peabody. Additionally, he has won multiple environmental reporting awards.

David Timko joined Rapture Studios as an Owners & Partners since 2019, managing all aspects of day-to-day business operations. A graduate from Cal State San Marcos with a degree in Computer Information Systems, his primary responsibilities at Rapture include developing new web pages while updating existing ones.

Achievement and Honors

David Timko was a two-time lymphoma survivor and longtime fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Additionally, he founded and was later appointed Executive Director of its National Capital Chapter.

At various points during his career, he earned numerous accolades, such as five National Emmy Award wins and a Peabody Awards win for Global Health Frontiers documentary series work.

He was honored with Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference Rookie of the Year honors for 2016-17 season – becoming the first Ram to do so since Kylan Guerra (2016-17). As a varsity standout he averaged 21.2 points per game while ranking amongst top-10 players for field goal percentage, three-point percentage, free throw percentage, two-time Player of Week honors and seven Rookie of Week recognitions in CACC play.

Personal Life

David Timko was a seasoned energy industry professional with more than two decades of experience at BP Canada, known for his strong technical abilities and personable nature. Outside the office, he enjoyed traveling, golfing and fishing; in his free time he could often be found traveling alone or with family or friends. A true gentleman, David also participated actively in church services as an active member. When not working he enjoyed spending time with his beloved pets and spending time outdoors.

John was an active supporter of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society since 2007, when he was first diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Although his health improved over time, he decided to step down as Executive Director of DC chapter. Unfortunately he died just over one month later on February 12th 2022 in Southport NC.

Net Worth

David Timko, a documentary filmmaker, passed away peacefully in Southport, North Carolina on February 12, 2022. He will be greatly missed by family and friends alike. Surviving are Missi, Emily McGlon and Lauren DeSarno as daughters; six grandchildren; in lieu of flowers, donations should be made in his name to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). He relocated to Southport in 2013 after retiring from his career. He was widely respected as both producer and shooter in documentary filmmaking, boasting three decades of long form storytelling experience for CNN with 40 documentaries co-created. For this work he won five National Emmys, Peabody Award, as well as other environmental reporting honors.

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