David Strain

David Strain, Architect, eDiscovery Project Counsel at Baker Botts

David Strain is the senior minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi and author of Expository Preaching and a commentary on Ruth and Esther for the Focus on the Bible commentary series.

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland and holds degrees from Duncan Jordanstone College of Art, Trinity College Glasgow/School of Divinity, Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson (DMin ’16). Ordained to the gospel ministry by Bishop Martin Ingraham in September 2003, he has held pastoral charges in London England and Columbus MS.

Early Life and Education

At nine years old, David began playing guitar for himself as he moved with his family to Eugene, Oregon. Inspired by local folk singer Emily Fox and blues masters such as Mississippi Fred McDowell, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Robert Johnson acoustic guitarists, David became increasingly proficient on the instrument.

At age 12, he began attending Port Townsend Country Blues Workshop and within three years had become their youngest faculty member, teaching introductory blues slide guitar classes. Additionally, he studied at the International Guitar Symposium with Bob Brozman, Martin Simpson, John Renbourn, and Woody Mann.

He fuses traditional African-American blues with roots music from other cultures. His eclectic sound has earned him a place of honor on the world blues and folk festival circuits.

Professional Career

Dave Strain is an eDiscovery Project Counsel in Baker Botts’ Antitrust and Competition Practice. His expertise spans intellectual property and trade secrets litigation, securities enforcement, white collar litigation, as well as international trade matters.

He is a member of both the American Bar Association and Illinois State Bar Association, as well as serving on the board of directors for Chicago Association for Legal Technology.

His research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that allow cells to receive and respond to signals. These signals carry information that instructs cells on how best to promote tissue growth or attack diseased cells.

He is currently engaged in projects that study therapeutic angiogenesis, muscle regeneration and cancer therapies. Additionally, he has created a vaccine to target melanoma tumors in mice.

Achievements and Honors

David Strain has a knack for designing places that are resilient and sustainable, whether it be towns, neighborhoods, schools, camps or environmental education initiatives. His firm Siegel & Strain Architects was recently honored with the Firm Achievement Award by AIA San Francisco Community Alliance in recognition of their groundbreaking work incorporating sustainability and research into architecture – setting new standards for architects everywhere.

He is an accomplished folk and blues guitarist who incorporates elements of traditional and contemporary folk and blues music to create his own signature style. He has performed at numerous folk and blues festivals around the country, released multiple independent recordings, and been an active participant in both Eugene’s blues scene since 1998.

Personal Life

Strain’s personal life is a testament to his devotion to Christianity. He and his wife Sheena have two boys, Euan and Joel. His education includes a Bachelor of Divinity from Trinity College in Glasgow, Scotland as well as a Diploma in Theology from Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He is currently the Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi and has served as pastor since 2008. Additionally, he is currently studying to earn his Doctorate of Ministry at Reformed Theological Seminary located nearby.

As a first-generation farmer-owner, he believes adaptability is essential for farming success. His experience in the financial industry has given him an edge when it comes to running his farm business and understanding politics around agriculture – and how it impacts our country as a whole.

Net Worth

Net worth is an indicator of someone’s financial health. This is what remains after all liabilities have been cleared, and it tends to provide more insight into a person’s state than income alone does.

David Strain’s net worth is an impressive $8 million, which comes from his acting, directing, writing and producing work. His most acclaimed roles include The Cove (2009) and Crazy Love (2007) – both earning him Academy Award nominations.

He has also worked as a video game programmer, most notably for Blizzard before leaving to form ArenaNet with two other programmers in 2000. Since then he has become well-known for developing games such as Guild Wars and State of Decay which sold millions of copies worldwide.

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