David Stoner

David Stoner

David Stoner is an acclaimed author who has penned multiple books. Additionally, he enjoys a prestigious media presence.

Hailing from the Tampa Bay Area, he has an affinity for its stunning surroundings and beaches. Additionally, he loves writing about his experiences as a disabled person in this world and sharing them with others.

Early Life and Education

David Stoner was born in Indiana on December 17, 1930 and grew up in Bloomington before graduating from University High School in 1946.

His parents instilled in him the value of fairness and dedication to justice. He attended Deep Springs College and Harvard Law School with these goals in mind.

During his time at the university, he made friends with Gordon Finch, a colleague, and Charles Walker, an undergraduate student.

Stoner steadily rises to become a prominent figure within the English department, despite Lomax’ opposition. Additionally, he enjoys an enjoyable romantic relationship with Katherine Driscoll – the younger instructor within it.

Professional Career

David Stoner is an attorney with extensive expertise in litigation and business matters. He has represented physicians and groups in claims against third-party payers, defended Medicare overpayment appeals, and settled disputes arising from billing or coding errors.

He has managed a wide range of complex IP matters, such as licensing and multi-party research agreements. Furthermore, his patent experience covers technical areas such as semiconductor devices, diesel electric locomotives and MRI/CAT scanners.

He is an esteemed member of the American Association for Intellectual Property Law (AAIP), and a frequent speaker at national and local intellectual property law conferences. Additionally, his expertise has been acknowledged in numerous publications.

Achievements and Honors

David Stoner, born with cerebral palsy, has a passion for media and the opportunity to tell stories from an unusual viewpoint. Through the use of a wheelchair and adaptive technology, he is able to fully enjoy life to its fullest.

CAPT Stoner, a native of Ansonia Connecticut and graduate of Officer Candidate School in Pensacola FL, served aboard the USS SKIPPJACK (SSN-585), USS PROVIDENCE (SSN-719) and PCU SEAWOLF (SSN-21). He earned his commission through these duties.

After leaving Ducati in 2011, Stoner joined Repsol Honda and went on to win the world championship title that season. He dominated the first half of the season before sealing his victory at home Grand Prix at Phillip Island in Australia to complete a remarkable comeback.

Personal Life

David Stoner was a man who found something he loved, then lost it. This pattern would repeat throughout his life – whether it was his family, daughter, study of literature or marijuana consumption.

Stoner was an English professor at the University of Missouri whose career started out promisingly but was ultimately derailed by workplace politics and an adversary.

He married Edith, a neurotic woman from an intense upbringing. They have a daughter named Grace together but their marriage is troubled; Edith can’t let go of her anger at Stoner for cancelling their trip to Europe with her aunt – something which negatively influences Grace as a result.

Net Worth

Stoner was saved at twelve years old, and his soul was always searching for God. This desire ultimately led him to pursue a career in research.

He began his career with Parke Davis Pharmaceutical Co in Ann Arbor, Michigan and then was promoted to a position at Pfizer Global Research and Development Laboratories in La Jolla, California. By the time of his passing, he was an esteemed principal scientist within their pharmacokinetics, dynamics and metabolism department.

Since then, he has hosted multiple stand-up comedy specials, starred in a few movies and done numerous endorsements – leading to the quadrupling of his net worth within four years.

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