David Sivella

David Sivella

David Sivella is a former planning official who has turned into an administration critic. His blog, Lyndhurst 07071, has taken township government and its police department to task.

On Monday, he filed a lawsuit against the township. He alleges police violated his privacy by viewing sensitive body camera footage without his consent and disseminating it without his knowledge or approval.

Early Life and Education

David Sivella was born and raised in Lyndhurst, NJ. After graduating from Lyndhurst High School, he went on to receive his bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University.

David Sivella has long been a vocal critic of the Lyndhurst administration and runs his own website that takes aim at them. Recently, he filed two lawsuits against both the board of education and board of commissioners over actions taken under Rich DiLascio’s watch.

Sivella’s lawsuit concerns how much taxpayers and the township will bear when the junior high school construction project is completed. He claims there was insufficient transparency about their agreement, as well as a conflict of interest when Rich DiLascio, attorney to both boards, represents them both. Sivella wants DiLascio’s contract terminated and barred from providing legal services to either board in the future.

Professional Career

David Sivella had an illustrious professional career that spanned four decades at clubs from Hercules CF to UEFA Cup-winning Sevilla FC. As a mainstay of the latter side, he made over 100 competitive matches and scored two goals. Earning himself the nickname “Sivla”, in tribute to his father’s initials, David was part of the squad which helped propel Sevilla FC to top flight promotion and an unprecedented treble – including all three trophies!

He recently entered Lyndhurst township politics, though on a small scale. He organized five members for what he is calling “Clean Sweep,” an effort to clean up those on the other side of the aisle.

Achievement and Honors

David Sivella is a high-flying New York City executive with a less impressive title than his boss. But this sleuthy individual has earned himself a well-deserved reputation for being both good at his job and frugal in nature. He’s certainly no slouch himself either, boasting an impressive resume to prove it! His recent struggles have been a welcome respite. He is credited with the creation of several noteworthy initiatives that have helped turn around the ship on a large scale, the most notable being the launch of an Economic Development and Housing Corporation (EDHC) that will have a dedicated team focused on revitalizing the area’s dwindling tax base.

Personal Life

David Sivella is a former Lyndhurst planning official who has had frequent clashes with township government and police. In 2017, he filed a lawsuit against both entities alleging officers viewed sensitive body camera footage of him experiencing seizures without his consent and disseminated it without him knowing.

The lawsuit alleges violations of his First Amendment rights under the New Jersey Civil Rights Act (N.J. Stat. SS 10:6-1), as well as common law claims for negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

In this action, Sivella contends the Township of Lyndhurst and Mayor Robert Giangeruso (“Appellees”) retaliated against him for exercising his First Amendment rights by requesting an investigation into no-show municipal jobs in October 2013. On behalf of Appellees, the District Court granted summary judgment based on qualified immunity and dismissed all remaining claims with Sivella’s consent.

Net Worth

David Sivella has a net worth of $2 million, earned through selling tickets and merchandise. He lives on the Upper East Side of New York City and recently shared video footage taken of a man following him while walking down 96th street near Lexington Avenue. In it, Sivella claims the man shouted at him “You’ll be dead real soon, dirty cop!” However, NYPD have yet to confirm this incident. For further details on David Sivella’s personal details such as whereabouts, phone numbers and relatives, plus ESF public records databases it possible to learn about his salary and career earnings through ESF databases

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