David Shimmin

David Shimmin – A Man of Many Achievements

Dave Shimmin died unexpectedly on February 15, 2022 and will be deeply mourned by his loved ones: wife, children and grandchildren alike.

He is survived by his wife, Terri; two sons and one daughter; five grandchildren and one great-granddaughter; funeral arrangements are being handled by Mitchell Funeral Home of Price.

Early Life and Education

David Shimmin was born in Douglas on the Isle of Man and attended St Ninian’s High School and Worcester College of Higher Education before beginning teaching career in 1982 – teaching first in Crewe then Tamworth then Knowsley before returning home to St Ninian’s in Douglas.

David Stevenson married Margaret Stevenson in 1957 but the marriage only lasted briefly as David spent his time studying medicine in London teaching hospitals. Later they both were posted to Singapore for National Health Service work where they started a family before leaving England for Australia as his job wasn’t fulfilling him as expected. David was an active member of LDS Church as well as enjoying fishing and snowmobiling activities.

Professional Career

David Shimmin was a veteran vet who spent most of his adult life working in medicine. As well as serving as general practitioner and conducting research, he published several books such as his best-known piece: “The Book of Doctors,” written with Margaret Shimmin.

David was an all-round craftsman, passionately learning all aspects of his profession and remaining dedicated to it. His hard work paid off with a prosperous career, numerous awards and an endless list of friends. He will always be remembered fondly for his generosity, humor and appreciation of life and family.

Achievement and Honors

David Shimmin is an individual of many accomplishments. On his way to becoming an internationally acclaimed musician, he has published multiple articles in international journals as well as written a book. Additionally, he was awarded with the Fulbright scholarship and has visited various countries both for business and pleasure purposes.

He is a member of Stockton American Legion, Sons of the American Revolution and Northwest Illinois Friends of the NRA. He enjoyed woodworking, gardening and genealogy – three activities which brought great pleasure. A true gentleman in every way; loving husband, father and grandfather to Lore as well as many friends he mentored along the way – Darren will be greatly missed by both family and friends alike; Lore survives him together with three sons: Darren (Marilyn), David and James who all remain children of their mother Lore – Lore being his main caregiver! Darren leaves behind Lore as his only living survivors;

Personal Life

David Shimmin is a retired politician. He served as both an MHK (Member of the House of Keys) and Chief Minister on the Isle of Man from 1996-2006. First elected for Douglas West MHK seat and then again in 2006.

He taught in various locations of the UK including Crewe, Tamworth, Knowsley and Douglas (St Ninian’s High School). In 2002 he became Minister for Transport as well as Policy and Reform minister in his government’s cabinet. Following 20 years in politics he decided not to contest the 2016 General Election and retired from political life altogether, instead volunteering in community service work and enjoying driving cars, electronic gadgets and running. Now living happily in Warrnambool with wife Margaret they enjoy all they have together!

Net Worth

David Shimin reportedly has an estimated net worth of $55 Million and is an American businessman and investor, owning multiple restaurants and nightclubs across Florida.

David began his career in 2008 by opening his inaugural nightclub at Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel, which became immensely successful and earned revenues of about $60 Million approx.

After that, he began opening up nightclubs across various cities such as Las Vegas and Dallas.

Rolling Stone magazine named him one of the 50 most influential individuals in the electronic dance music industry in 2014.

He owns two YouTube channels with over 13 million combined subscribers. Each video on these channels averages 5 million views each.

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