David Shilian

David Shilian

David Shilian is a highly sought-after attorney known for his success at representing clients in complex civil litigation, white collar criminal defense and other related fields.

He possesses extensive knowledge of martial arts and ancient warrior philosophy and has dedicated his life to encouraging individuals to recognize their inner warrior.

Early Life and Education

David Shilian was born May 7, 1990 in Kenosha, Wisconsin to Carole and David Shilian and is their second son.

He was an extremely active baby who rarely cried; in fact, he and his older sibling Nic were like two peas in a pod, sharing an incredible bond that they were very protective over each other.

He began acting at an early age in school plays and attended an acting workshop run by famed actor Ian McKellen. Additionally, he received voice lessons and dance training classes to develop his acting capabilities further.

Professional Career

David Shilian is an actor known for appearing in multiple TV series. Additionally, he’s an accomplished musician and author.

David is also the creator of Finance Career Launch, an educational resource site for financial professionals. Additionally, he serves as a podcaster, blogger, mentor and coach who strives to help others build more valuable lives and businesses.

Born into a family of intellectuals, he received early exposure to art through both parents’ knowledge. His father was a theoretical physicist while his mother was an educator and artist.

Achievement and Honors

David Shilian has accomplished much throughout his life. He has participated in social events and even appeared in movies.

He owns and runs a successful fitness blog that enjoys immense popularity on Instagram and YouTube, has taken part in various projects, and is currently developing an organic farmstead in Costa Rica.

Additionally, he has served on the boards of directors for multiple organizations such as Keeping Track and HomeRise as well as Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce membership. Furthermore, he remains very involved in community services as an active volunteer.

Personal Life

David Shilian is an accomplished and wealthy individual, having amassed a fortune through hard work and determination.

He is a dedicated family man who believes strongly in family values and spending quality time with those he cares for. Additionally, he has shown exceptional philanthropy by contributing funds to various charitable organizations.

Alison Sweeney is his partner and they share two beautiful children together. They have been happily married for 22 years and love one another dearly.

They reside in Los Angeles, California, where they take great pride in raising their three children with great love and care. Additionally, they enjoy simple pleasures like dining out together or traveling to new places.

Net Worth

David Shilian is an esteemed comedian. His comedy career has brought in substantial earnings. Furthermore, his YouTube presence is immensely popular.

As of August 2022, his estimated net worth stands at $252,000; this sum can be calculated based on YouTube advertising revenue estimates.

As well as his standup act, he offers other activities worth discovering.

Forbes and business insiders estimate his net worth at more than two million dollars, and it continues to increase daily. He has become one of the wealthiest celebrities worldwide.

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