David Sheaffer

A Look at David Sheaffer

David Sheaffer was an esteemed musician renowned for his pianistic and musical direction work in films, TV shows and Broadway productions as well as performing on numerous albums by various artists.

He has appeared on Saturday Night Live and served as musical director for David Letterman’s late-night talk show; additionally, he composed its theme song.

Early Life and Education

Sheaffer was raised in Red Land, a farm community located within Fairview Township of Pennsylvania. After attending a small school he went on to play baseball at Clemson University before being chosen first-round by the Red Sox in 1981.

Sheaffer began his career working as both a newspaper reporter and theater critic for the Brooklyn Eagle. Later he won a Pulitzer Prize with his two-part biography of Eugene O’Neill entitled Eugene O’Neill Biographies

Sheaffer held the Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professorship of Learning Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison from 2001 – 2003 and also held a principal investigator position with Wisconsin Center for Education Research from this time onwards. His research was focused on learning sciences and educational psychology with particular attention given to computer games as a topic of study. Over 250 papers had been written under his tutelage with many being awarded Vilas awards.

Professional Career

David Sheaffer is an award-winning catcher by trade who boasts an impressive list of awards and accolades to his name, including a gold star from Major League Baseball (MLB) and two silvers in minor league baseball (minors). While Sheaffer may have experienced some difficulties during his playing days, his heartfelt soul always seems to help make things right again – sheaffer knows exactly how to bring out the best from players while setting them on their path towards team success.

Achievement and Honors

David Sheaffer has earned widespread acclaim as both an outstanding professional and community volunteer. As the director of Crossover Tennis, he uses tennis to bring tennis lessons to children living in underserved communities throughout Delaware Valley and use it to impart life skills, build leadership capacities and foster fun! In recognition of his contributions to construction industry as a Rising Star by CFMA.

Personal Life

David Sheaffer hails from a rural farm community in central Pennsylvania. As a youth he played baseball competitively before being selected by the Boston Red Sox as their first round draft selection in 1981. Later attending Clemson University to study political science and government. Sheaffer debuted with the Red Sox in 1987 and started three of their first six games, along with being active as both an organizer and fundraiser for various causes. Sheaffer is also a coach for Crossover Tennis, an organization which uses tennis to bring children from underserved communities into tennis lessons. Furthermore, Sheaffer has made appearances in movies and television shows including Private Parts (1982) and Man on the Moon (1999).

Net Worth

David Shaffer has amassed a net worth of $26.3 Million. He owns over 7,100 units of Enersys stock valued at approximately $18,306,080 and completed six trades since 2013, according to Form 4 submission with the SEC.

David Shaffer is not only a talented musician but a thriving businessman as well. He owns an elegant home in New York and dedicates much time and effort to charitable organizations.

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