David Shatswell

David Shatswell

David Shatswell is an esteemed person and is often involved in many events. Additionally, he’s an enthusiastic musician.

His life has been truly fascinating; he has done many incredible feats and made a profound mark on our world. He is a shining example of how hard work and commitment can lead to success.

Early Life and Education

David Shatswell had an illustrious and prolific educational career. Beginning his professional life at West Contra Costa Unified School District and later transitioning to Pittsburg Adult Education Center where he served as principal, his achievements are noteworthy.

Shatswell was an iconic member of his community and his loss is devastating for East Bay education. On Sunday night, the district sent out an alert informing students and staff of his death; also two staff gatherings at adult education center took place for his passing, grief counselors were available on campuses where Shatswell’s eight children attend classes as a way of providing comforting support.

Professional Career

Officer Shatswell has made an immense difference during his decade-plus career as an officer of Gladstone Public Schools and Antioch Middle School Drug Awareness Programs. Specifically, he made a difference for many youth at Antioch Middle School as part of their Drug Awareness program and as School Resource Officer for Gladstone schools as a School Resource Officer.

As a father to sixteen year old Steven and wife Karen, he takes great pleasure in taking time away to work in public safety – their support he appreciates immensely! His second family comes in the form of Antioch Middle School Principal Bob Russell, Velda McMorris, and Phyllis Hopper who all play an enormous part in his life and deserve all the praise they’re receiving now.

Achievement and Honors

Shatswell made an impressionful mark at OCCC during his time there, accruing many impressive accomplishments during his studies there. Notably, his name appeared on the honor roll and he earned top grades in computer programming class; moreover, his team won first place in Math Challenge competition and he even held onto being awarded as most active student from his graduating class!

Though he wasn’t the top scorer in his class, he earned recognition from several prestigious organizations – the National Society of Black Engineers and Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce among them – over time. Most notable among his awards was being named Oklahoma City Public Schools Distinguished Alumnus; an accolade given only to students who excel in multiple areas while making the grade on multiple occasions.

Personal Life

Shatswell took great pleasure in spending his free time with his family. He married Maria Vides and together they had eight children.

He leaves behind his wife and children as well as his sister; all will miss him dearly. He was widely respected educator.

He enjoyed fishing in his free time and volunteering at an animal shelter nearby.

David was an upstanding citizen, always showing care and having good intentions towards others. His friendship was widely esteemed amongst his circle.

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