David Salman

David Salman

David Salman is a renowned horticulturist who revolutionized cultivation in Northern New Mexico’s desert landscape. He was an expert on “water-wise” gardening practices.

He founded Santa Fe Greenhouses in 1984 and High Country Gardens, his mail-order division, in 1993. Here he cultivates stunning perennials, native and ornamental grasses as well as unique cacti and succulents for customers around the world.

Early Life and Education

David Salman, a northern New Mexico native and graduate of Princeton University, combined his love for ranching and wildlife preservation to create an inspiring life of service. He became one of New Mexico’s longest-serving state representatives, passionate about environmental concerns, animal protection, educational opportunities, and the arts.

He founded Santa Fe Greenhouses in 1984, and his innovative plant selection quickly made the nursery a local icon. The nursery focused on hardy perennials that could withstand harsh desert climates.

After nearly 30 years in business, David and Carol Salman decided to retire their garden centers and sell their mail-order division to fellow online retailer American Meadows. David remained as High Country Gardens’ chief horticulturist, inspiring gardeners with his vision for sustainable gardening practices.

Professional Career

In the 1980s, David Salman founded a nursery in Santa Fe with an emphasis on cold-hardy and drought-tolerant plants. As a result, many popular perennials became staples of gardeners’ landscapes.

He achieved fame as a renowned horticulturist, educator and pioneer of water-wise gardening. As part of Plant Select–an association of esteemed horticulturalists, breeders and commercial plant growers–he was also its founding member.

He founded High Country Gardens, a mail-order catalog dedicated to xeriscaping and sustainable landscape design. From 2008 until 2012, he served as chief horticulturist for the company.

Achievements and Honors

David Salman was an influential horticulturist who revolutionized gardening in northern New Mexico’s unique desert landscape. He also pioneered waterwise gardening and xeriscaping techniques.

He introduced over 60 waterwise plants to the horticultural trade, including Agastache rupestris – a rare species with sunset-colored blooms that has become an attractive option for gardeners. He also patented Bouteloua gracilis ‘Blonde Ambition,’ a selection of blue grama grass with distinctive horizontal seed heads.

Salman was an inspiring educator and champion for sustainable gardening, with a captivating personality and highly sought-after speaker on these topics.

Personal Life

David Salman was an esteemed horticulturist and educator who revolutionized waterwise gardening in the West. He is credited with over 60 plant introductions, cultivating an array of beautiful plants that thrived in harsh desert climates such as Northern New Mexico and beyond.

Friends and family praised him as a pioneering force in xeriscaping, spreading environmentally friendly gardening practices. As an accomplished speaker on these subjects, he became widely renowned as an authority on water-wise landscaping throughout the West.

David Salman was an inquisitive plant scientist and storyteller renowned for his captivating stories that delighted gardeners and landscapers alike. As founder of Santa Fe Greenhouses, High Country Gardens and Waterwise Gardening, his expertise, experience, and practical approach earned him widespread respect.

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