David Rathje

David Rathje

David Rathje is one of the best YouTube vloggers out there and boasts millions of subscribers between his two channels: “David Dobrik Too” and “David Dobrik”.

He co-hosts the Views podcast with Vlog Squad friend Jason Nash and has become known for his legendary pranks and humorous antics. His humor has won many fans over.

Early Life and Education

David Rathje was raised in Pennsylvania’s suburbs from an upper middle-class family. Not surprisingly, he completed high school education as well.

His parents told Insider they haven’t decided yet on which university will accept him; Princeton or Penn are two possibilities being considered by them.

David Rathje has much to offer as a public figure, as evidenced by his social media profiles and videos on YouTube demonstrating this fact. These include fitness challenges that have amassed quite an audience following.

Professional Career

David holds a degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Maine. Throughout his career, David has held positions in zoos, aquariums and marine wildlife rescue centers, working with animals like moose, bears, wolves and dolphins as well as working closely with wildlife from wilder corners such as zoos.

His video vlogging career kicked off on Vine in 2013. Soon thereafter, he gained instantaneous fame through posting 6-second clips to become one of the fastest growing vloggers.

His YouTube channel, known as “David Drobik”, boasts over 15 million subscribers. Known for his humorous pranks and tricks videos.

Achievement and Honors

David Rathje has earned numerous accolades throughout his career and been honored by various charitable groups for his support of their efforts.

He currently teaches mathematics at the University of Alabama and chairs its Department. Additionally, he has published multiple books and numerous research papers.

He possesses an infectious passion for leadership and has strived hard to foster an inclusive environment within his department. Additionally, he has served on various boards and committees; raising millions of dollars while volunteering countless hours of service in his community.

Personal Life

David Rathje is an online personality known for his comedy videos on two YouTube channels.

David was born and raised in Waycross, Georgia USA within a middle-class family environment.

He graduated from a private school before enrolling at college; later receiving his Bachelor’s degree from University of Pennsylvania.

After college, he found work as an associate attorney at a law firm in Seattle and has also assisted many financial institutions with their needs.

He and Lorraine Nash have been living together since 2015.

Net Worth

David Dobrik reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $20 Million. A Slovak-American YouTuber and actor, Dobrik has amassed millions of followers across Vine, YouTube and TikTok platforms.

This 24-year-old entrepreneur launched his video blogging career on Vine, quickly becoming one of the most well-known video bloggers worldwide. Although his Vine account no longer exists, he continues making money off other social media platforms.

His earnings from Vine and YouTube accounts have made him a wealthy celebrity, in addition to making significant profits through endorsements and merchandise sales.

At his disposal is not only an impressive car collection but also a 9.5M mansion in Sherman Oaks courtesy of Jason Nash who gave it to him after meeting at a comedy club.

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