David Popek

David Popek – A Modern Day Renaissance Man

On November 17th, hundreds of friends, family, and former teammates of David Popek came together at Warner-Wozniak Funeral Services to pay their respects to him at his Warner-Wozniak Funeral Services service. Wallington High School football team also honored David by wearing his name and jersey number during their match against Morris Catholic High School this Saturday.

Popek has developed an effective leadership style and skill, leading his team to collaborate for mutual gain. People are an essential asset in business and communication is crucial to its success.

Early Life and Education

David Popek was an extraordinary individual. A standout athlete in high school, he later earned his degree at College of New Jersey.

He was also a member of Sigma Pi fraternity and an enthusiastic runner, swimmer, and cyclist. Unfortunately he passed away from an undiagnosed illness on November 12, 2012.

He shined as a running back during his time at Wallington, while also posting impressive numbers in track events – one of the fastest runners in the state! As part of both varsity teams he earned Class 5A all-state player status before graduating in 2005 with top honors in both classes.

Professional Career

Popek spent nine years at Ferguson Automotive, rising from assistant showroom manager to an executive position before joining VAMAC as its Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since 2006.

Popek was an exceptional multitasker. As senior year football player for Wallington High School and student council president during this time, as well as having appeared in their school play. Yet his most remarkable asset was his kindness and caring approach toward everyone he encountered.

Popick made an impactful mark on many Wallington students, including one senior who proudly wore his name and number during a game against Morris Catholic. While Wallington mourns his passing, many will never forget how they felt after encountering Popock; thousands visited Warner-Wozniak Funeral Services on November 17 to pay their respects and show solidarity.

Achievement and Honors

David Popek was an outstanding student and football player at Wallington high school. A four year letterman who ran over 1000 yards over two years – breaking both career rushing record. Additionally, his classmates revered him due to his efforts rehabilitating injured colleagues on their team.

David Popek, an honorable member of the Class of 2011, left this world on November 12th 2012 at 25. He leaves behind his mother Barbara Derner and husband Kurt Derner; father David Sr; brothers Steven and Matthew; as well as little sister Barbara Joyce – all who will miss his thoughtful and considerate personality greatly. He will forever remain remembered fondly by all.

Personal Life

Wallington town lost a true Renaissance man when former high school football star and federal Air Marshal David Popek passed away at age 25. An incredible athlete, dedicated student, and upstanding human being; David will be deeply missed.

After graduation, Popek traveled the globe as an airline passenger safety manager. Family, friends, former teammates, and acquaintances gathered on November 17 at Warner-Wozniak Funeral Services to pay their respects to Popek at his memorial service.

Wallington High School honored Popek by wearing his name and jersey number during its game against Morris Catholic on Saturday. Additionally, a scholarship fund has been set up in his name at Wallington.

Net Worth

David Popek is a prominent American internet personality. Originally featured on Vine, before transitioning onto YouTube.

He boasts a massive social media following and earns around $15 Million per year from this endeavor, not including clothing lines or podcasts that he may also run.

His primary sources of income come from YouTube and TikTok, with over 26 million subscribers combined and 1 billion views each on each platform.

He owns an impressive real estate portfolio spanning Los Angeles, New York and Australia that consistently increases in value over time. As an expert investor, his properties continue to bring him tremendous returns.

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