David Polyansky

David Polyansky

David Polyansky is an Iowa-born political strategist who has provided his services for multiple presidential campaigns. Most notably he served as senior adviser for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s election campaign as well as being one of Senator Joni Ernst’s top strategists.

Polyansky currently serves as chief of staff to former Texas Senator Ted Cruz, having been hired in 2016 in order to help rebuild his campaign after it had suffered an early primary defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump.

Early Life and Education

David Polyansky was born the same year the Bolsheviks took power and joined the Communist party shortly thereafter, eventually beginning work on a collective farm in Russia.

He eventually rose to become First Deputy Prime Minister responsible for agriculture. While a bright young man, his rise was fraught with perils.

In 1973, he was demoted from that post to Agriculture Minister in response to fears among experts in Soviet affairs that his ascension into higher office might prove too much for one individual; today this belief was confirmed when he was removed from membership on the ruling Politburo.

Cruz appears to be making moves to consolidate his expanding circle of interests; in an apparent move towards this end, his top brass has hired an Iowa-based Texas political strategist as part of the senator’s new team. This action may signal his seriousness about running for president some day – even if he doesn’t yet know when or how.

Professional Career

David Polyansky serves as senior political and communications adviser to Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. Additionally, he advised Joni Ernst’s successful U.S. Senate run in Iowa as well as Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s reelection campaign.

He has assisted advocacy groups, trade associations and major collegiate athletic departments with their communications goals and strategic positioning. His work has been recognized by high-profile authors, researchers and leaders.

LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view a comprehensive list of his filings, detailing which organizations, lobbying firms and clients he represented in each filing.

Achievement and Honors

David Polyansky holds many accolades. As founding partner of a boutique public relations firm and senior management position at one of the world’s largest telecommunications company, his impressive six year career has delighted clients from every sector of the economy with ingenious tactics and award-winning campaigns. Even while maintaining his busy career life schedule he still finds time for triathlon competition, with events often held near their vacation condo in Santa Cruz California. Away from work David is married to Kirsten for over 10 years and proud father to two.

Personal Life

David Polyansky is a political consultant who is registered as a lobbyist. Currently residing in Houston with his wife Kirsten and two children.

As Ted Cruz’s chief of staff in summer 2016, his aim was to help rebrand him after an unsuccessful presidential bid. They wanted Texans to recognize him more readily as their senator.

Now, Polyansky has returned to Texas where he will oversee Clout Public Affairs – a division of Axiom Strategies, a prominent Republican consulting firm – as its director. Prerak Shah, Cruz’s top attorney will replace Polyansky.

Net Worth

David Polyansky has amassed an estimated net worth of $950,000 as an American political strategist. He has provided services for several Republican candidates, such as Joni Ernst and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Additionally, he consults for various advocacy groups and trade associations and his personal financial disclosure forms can be seen by LegiStorm Pro subscribers.

He currently serves as senior adviser to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who recently hinted at running for president. In Iowa he worked on two previous campaigns and served as one of Joni Ernst’s key strategists during her recent U.S. Senate win.

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