David Plue

David Plue

David Plue was a kind-hearted individual who married an attractive, intelligent woman named Annabelle, which made for an enjoyable partnership and life together.

But his murder left no obvious motive, with no one suspecting Anne Gates (his widow). Instead, Tim Conwall claimed she acted upon information provided to her from Tim Conwall himself.

Early Life and Education

David Plume was born in San Francisco, California as the eldest of two siblings. In 1966 he married Diane “Dee” Skanderup and they began their family together with two children: a daughter and son.

At Oberlin College he earned his degree in education, before later going on to Harvard University as faculty. There he conducted basic research on language acquisition as well as investigating initial word learning’s influence on literacy development.

He was the author of numerous articles and chapters about language acquisition in preschool classrooms, co-authoring Beginning Literacy with Language and Connecting through Talk as well as numerous books including Opening the World of Learning which is widely used preschool curriculum. He dedicated much of his professional career to developing teaching strategies which increase intellectual challenges for early education children.

Professional Career

David Plume has an impressive professional portfolio encompassing multiple fields and subjects. His work has been published in such prestigious outlets as Nature, Scientific American and the New York Times; while his most acclaimed studies include Geochemistry, Mantle and Volcanology studies.

He has dedicated himself to finding the most relevant and exciting topics within Earth science, and in doing so has made it his goal to identify them. An advocate of multidisciplinary studies, his findings have been successfully applied across areas such as Subduction, Radiogenic nuclide and Basalt formation. Notable contributions by him include data-driven discovery techniques such as innovative visualizations and novel analytical methodologies as well as publishing numerous books with scientifically inspired multimedia and interactive experiences.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

David Plue was living a blissful existence with his wife Anne. His career was stable and they resided in an ideal area where neighbors loved coming together for fun get-togethers.

Her brother Raymond described him as being a kind, compassionate individual with an adept ability to win over people’s trust.

But in 1978, Anne’s husband was found shot in the head on a rural road in Indiana – no charges were ever filed and it remains open.

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