David Plotinsky

David Plotinsky

David Plotinsky is a partner at Morgan Lewis who provides representation to tech, media and telecom firms. He assists his clients in navigating national security review processes for foreign investment approval such as CFIUS and Team Telecom.

Plotinsky holds a security clearance and advises his clients on matters pertaining to trade, telecommunications technology and services, critical and emerging technology, and business operations.

Early Life and Education

David Plinsky was born and raised in Bloomfield, New Jersey before attending Indiana University to study. At Demarest Elementary School he earned a diploma before beginning to write comics before expanding into writing science fiction tie-in novels – such as his Star Trek: New Frontier series – as well as helping Star Trek actor James Doohan complete his 1996 autobiography Beam Me Up Scotty.

In the 1990s, he started writing comics for DC and Dark Horse. He co-created many creator-owned titles – Fallen Angel and Sachs and Violens among them – as well as media tie-ins such as Heroes Reborn. Furthermore, he co-created Knight Life series, a modernized telling of King Arthur.

Professional Career

David Plotinsky has served in government roles including the Federal Communications Commission. Not afraid to express himself freely, he excels at helping clients navigate the confusing national security review process and legal nuances associated with foreign investment and telecom regulations. Boasting an impressive client roster of high-profile names including foreign investments and telecom regulations; David is well on his way to becoming one of Washington DC’s premier law firm names – becoming an authority in foreign investment regulations along with telecom regulations as a whole. An avid cyclist himself as well as being knowledgeable on foreign investment regulations! David is passionate about business as much as about trade and commerce as being familiar with legal nuances associated with foreign investment regulations as possible!

Personal Life

David Plotinsky is a partner at Morgan Lewis in Washington, DC and practices national security, technology and telecommunications law. Prior to Morgan Lewis, David served as acting chief and principal deputy chief of the Department of Justice’s Foreign Investment Review Section where he led cases before CFIUS and Team Telecom – currently both oversight committees with jurisdiction over foreign investment decisions in the U.S. At Morgan Lewis he represents venture capital firms, private equity funds and infrastructure firms; furthermore he holds security clearances and advises clients regarding sensitive matters affecting them.

Morgan Lewis attracted Plotinsky with its three-quarter century track record of recruiting top federal government talent into private practice.

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