David Ohlson

David Ohlson, Chief of Staff and Counselor to the Attorney General

David Ohlson is a patient at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab who has suffered from a spinal cord injury that has paralyzed him from the neck down. After staying for more than 61 days in our facility, David continues to make progress towards recovery from his injuries.

He spent over 43 days in the ICU, during which time he developed respiratory complications that necessitated placing him on a ventilator.

Early Life and Education

David Ohlson had a happy childhood. He had an immense sense of family and enjoyed spending time with his friends.

He was an intelligent kid who always strived to learn new things. Additionally, his passion for sports was immense.

Unfortunately, his defiant behavior took a severe turn around last fall when he stopped attending group chats, stopped communicating with his family members, and stopped playing video games.

Her book seeks to illuminate how cooperation between and among species underpins our vibrant natural world. She’s an engaging storyteller with impressive scientific credentials to back it up.

Professional Career

David is a filmmaker, climber, photographer and drone pilot. His films have won him awards and recognition for his talent.

He has directed several plays, such as The Lily’s Revenge (Sundance Theatre Lab), The Be(st) of Taylor Mac, and a gender-swapped production of It’s A Wonderful Life at Provincetown Theater.

He serves on the Provincetown Theater Board and is affiliated with The Human Rights Campaign, MassEquality, and GLAD. Additionally, he has written numerous short plays and was previously a member of Sarasota Area Playwright Society.

Achievements and Honors

The Chief of Staff and Counselor to the Attorney General is a well-known and highly respected leader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to both his department and country. In his more than two decades at JDHEA he has earned numerous honors and awards, including being named a Distinguished Service Medal recipient.

David Ohlson has achieved much in addition to his legendary leadership position. This year he produced two award-winning independent films: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter and Thank You A Lot – both worthy of commendation for their remarkable success.

Personal Life

David Ohlson, 18, is accused of shooting his mother Adriana Ohlson to death with a shotgun. Authorities report she was found with an abdominal gunshot wound.

The Pensacola teenager is being held without bond at Escambia County Jail on charges of second degree murder.

He intends to plead insanity. His attorney filed a motion with the court of his intention to use an insanity defense as part of his legal strategy.

He has been diagnosed with psychotic disorder, mood disorder, severely impaired mental processes, adjustment disorder and reduced cognitive, emotional and personality controls. According to several local doctors as witnesses to this diagnosis, several local physicians are listed as medical professionals.

Net Worth

In 1987, Ohlson established his “financial service business” in Beachwood, Ohio and promised numerous clients that for an advance fee of $10,000 they could secure financing from renowned securities firms or through arrangements with Sierra Leone’s government. Unfortunately, these promises proved false; eventually he collected over $175,000 from clients who never received the financing promised them.

In 1990, he was arrested and charged with 19 counts of mail fraud. Prosecutors claimed he committed these crimes to secure loans for himself, his wife and three children. Additionally, he was found guilty of theft, fraudulent use of checkbook controls and money laundering.

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