David Nissen

David Nissen, a Financial Advisor

David Nissen is the co-owner of Wanderlust Tours and has turned his love for nature into a successful business. For nearly three decades, he has been taking visitors to Central Oregon’s most hidden treasures, from caves to trails, lakes to Mount Bachelor.

Jim Wilcox, small business development program manager at Central Oregon Community College, noted that they’ve been a leader in annual cave cleanups that help keep the area free of trash.

Early Life and Education

Nissen began his gymnastic career on the school tumbling team and YMCA gymnastics program. Ultimately, he became a champion gymnast who won three NCAA titles while at the University of Iowa.

Nissen was an accomplished diver and member of a traveling acrobatics act. This experience inspired him to invent what would later be popularly known as the trampoline: a bouncing device designed for indoor play that uses springs.

Nissen created his first successful bouncing rig in his parents’ garage using steel materials he found at a junkyard. When he brought it to camp, the response was overwhelming – quickly spreading awareness about “rebound tumbling,” an exciting sport which Nissen started promoting.

Professional Career

David Nissen is a Financial Advisor in Elgin, Illinois with 42 years of experience. He holds the Series 66 license which allows him to provide investment advice for investors throughout Illinois.

He is employed by Iht Wealth Management LLC, a registered investment firm with 65 locations nationwide.

He is a self-proclaimed photographer whose work beautifully blends artistic and technical aspects of photography. His images are moody and cinematic, available for purchase online through his website or follow him on Instagram to see more of his works in progress! What’s more, his estimated net worth stands at $3.5 million!

Achievements and Honors

David Nissen is an accomplished leader in multiple fields. He currently serves as CEO of PKF Mueller, a Chicago-based public accounting firm.

Nissen has been instrumental in growing PKF Mueller’s revenue by 375%, opening two offices and acquiring three firms. Furthermore, he founded a business process outsourcing practice as well as outsourced accounting services for the firm.

David Nissen is best remembered for his dedication to the community. He served as president of the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce and was active in many other organizations; he was previously circulation manager for both The New Ulm Journal and Mankato Free Press, plus he is a lifetime member of both the American Legion and Nebraska Sports Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

David Nissen is a retired professional bassoon player who has performed with most of the UK’s symphony orchestras. Additionally, he teaches bassoon at colleges and schools.

David Nissen enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as reminiscing about his days playing for the Green Bay Packers.

David Nissen’s black and white photographs take us on an atmospheric journey through fog, rain and fading lights. He approaches photography like a director searching for the ideal location; the results are broody, sublime and cinematic. David prefers shooting at night when there is ample natural light – moonlight plus available sources such as street lamps or car headlights – creating images full of paradoxes and contradictions.

Net Worth

David Nissen has been in the financial advisor industry for 42 years. He currently works at Iht Wealth Management LLC in Elgin, Illinois and holds a Series 66 license. Current estimates place David nissen’s net worth at least $2 Million dollars.

David Nissen has owned General Electric Co (GE) stock for approximately two years and currently owns 19,537 shares of this company valued at approximately $2 Million. Over the last 18 months, david nissen has made no insider transactions in GE. On July 24th 2019 David exercised 207,146 shares of Axcella Health Inc (AXLA) worth $37,286; this trade being his largest to date.

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