David Nickles

David Nickles

David Nickles is an author, editor and underground researcher who has presented social critiques and commentary on psychedelic culture and radical politics. Additionally, he is a vocal opponent of its commercialization.

He is the author of numerous books and articles, including the best-selling Psychedelics for Psychological Health and Harm Reduction. Additionally, he contributes to Psymposia Media and Plus Three podcast.

Early Life and Education

David Nickles was born in 1939 and raised in Denton, Texas. As an accomplished pianist and music enthusiast, he earned a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Marylhurst University.

He is a researcher who focuses on the social and cultural effects of psychedelic drugs. He has spoken at numerous venues around the world, offering social critiques and commentary related to psychedelic culture and radical politics.

He has also served as a computer science instructor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and UH Kapiolani CC, developing courses that focus on augmented education through podcasts and virtual worlds. Furthermore, he has authored numerous scholarly papers and book chapters related to these topics. As recognition, he was awarded both the International Society of Behavioral Medicine Distinguished Service Award and American Association of Teachers of Mathematics Outstanding Teaching Award.

Professional Career

David Nickles is an accomplished professional with more than 18 years of experience leading and delivering successful outcomes for enterprise, operational and IT risk initiatives at major financial institutions. He holds several IT industry certifications such as CRISC, CGEIT and CISM plus the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification.

David is a proud New Yorker, having moved here from Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2010 to marry his high school sweetheart. David brings an extensive set of skills to the real estate game that have been developed during his nearly four decade career as a civil engineer. With passion and energy, David strives to help clients find their ideal home or apartment that meets their requirements. David feels fortunate for the chance to work alongside Vicki Musso and utilize all of his knowledge, abilities and enthusiasm together.

Achievements and Honors

David Nickles is a highly decorated aviator who led the world’s first covert intelligence unit during the Korean War. For his efforts, he earned both the Silver Star and Distinguished Service Cross awards.

He currently works as the Global Audit Program Manager for Amazon Web Services (AWS). With extensive IT industry knowledge, he is well-versed in cloud computing and its many uses for enterprises – from data storage and backup/recovery to analytics and disaster recovery.

One of his favorite pastimes is tinkering with new technology, such as drones and artificial intelligence. Additionally, he attends scientific conferences to gain a better understanding of emerging technologies. Finally, as an enthusiastic psychedelic nerd and harm reduction advocate, he often presents social critiques and commentary on psychedelic culture and radical politics at venues worldwide.

Personal Life

David Nickles has been a civil engineer for over 22 years, and now he’s ready for a new challenge.

He strives to build a secure and stable living community for his clients. By applying his engineering knowledge and experience into real estate transactions, he can assist others in finding homes they can enjoy and thrive in.

He has long been a passionate psychedelic activist, engaging in discussions at the intersection of drugs and politics. He is an outspoken opponent of mainstreaming or commercializing psychedelic compounds and rituals, believing such approaches rob people of their liberatory potential.

Net Worth

David Nickles is an American television journalist and news anchor who has been with KUTV for more than 25 years. Although he has earned a substantial amount of money through his career, Nickles prefers to live a simple life.

He is an incredibly lucky husband and father of twins.

He has achieved great success as an author, businessman and real estate investor – contributing to his vast wealth of estimated $200 million.

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