David Mishook

David Mishook

David Mishook is an experienced trial and appellate litigator specializing in complex civil litigation. His practice covers general, municipal and commercial cases in state and federal courts throughout California.

As an advocate for public learning, he advises school districts, county offices of education, and community college administrators throughout California in matters related to student services and special education statewide. He represents these clients before state special education due process hearings as well as federal appeal proceedings.

Early Life and Education

At Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP, David Mishook defends public education institutions in all kinds of legal disputes. Specializing in student services and special education issues, he frequently appears before state, federal, and appellate courts across the nation.

Keene and Mishook had heard that Oakland Hebrew Day, an Orthodox progressive school located in one of the more progressive regions in the U.S., welcomed gender-fluid students. Additionally, it provided services to same-sex and interfaith families alike – seemingly ideal for their family’s needs. Unfortunately, when they met school officials for their initial interview they noted staff seemed uncomfortable with their son’s gender expression; and within one week Oakland Hebrew Day told them it could no longer accommodate him and they needed to find another school before enrolling him.

Professional Career

David Mishook is an esteemed litigator with an impressive track record in courtroom litigation. Representing California school districts, county offices of education, and community college administrators across all aspects of student services related disputes; creating and executing litigation strategies designed to prevent similar issues from arising; being attentive to his clients’ most pressing legal concerns and frequently taking on multifaceted cases without losing his focus – David is truly one-of-a-kind!

Personal Life

As an active public school advocate, David Mishook provides advice and representation for California schools and district offices of education throughout the state in student services and special education cases. With extensive trial court and appellate experience across both levels of government, his knowledge of legal analysis and logic makes him a sought-after writer of high stakes briefs.

Keene and Mishook discovered Oakland Hebrew Day this summer while researching day schools to enroll their son. As they conducted further research, Oakland Hebrew Day stood out as an Orthodox institution which would welcome interfaith families and queer students alike, being situated in one of the country’s progressive regions with its curriculum teaching children how to keep kosher and observe other Jewish laws. Unfortunately, after several weeks and several virtual meetings, Oakland Hebrew Day informed Keene and Mishook it could no longer accommodate their son’s gender expression.

Net Worth

David Mishook is a senior associate in F3’s Oakland office and specializes in civil litigation as co-chair of their Litigation Practice Group. With years of trial and appellate court experience throughout California – including representing school districts on student services/special education matters; commercial, civil rights/employment disputes/personal injury litigation issues as well as criminal matters; David is also a strong supporter of public education regularly providing counsel/defense in matters such as state due process hearings/appeals to California Court of Appeal as an advocate and strong advocate on their behalf; membership in American Bar Association being an added plus

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