David Mattison

David Mattison

David Mathison is an American actor best known for his role as Ryan Lavery on All My Children.

He is a renowned journalist and editor at The Atlantic. Additionally, he co-authored the NPR ethics handbook.

David is a successful actor, martial arts instructor and entrepreneur. He’s passionate about what he does and dedicated to helping others succeed.

Early Life and Education

David attended Simms High School in Montana before moving to Salt Lake City for a brief period to attend barbering school.

David Mattison not only completed his education but also participated in numerous volunteer endeavors. He served on several community boards, such as Keeping Track – an organization dedicated to inspiring people to take responsibility for the long-term stewardship of wildlife habitat.

He was also a member of Mensa, an exclusive high-IQ society. While he hasn’t officially announced his college plans yet, it’s possible he’ll attend a prestigious university.

Professional Career

David Mattison is an accomplished financial expert, entrepreneur and mentor. He has been featured on multiple podcasts, written books and operates several businesses with success.

David Mariano is a former finance executive who left his corporate career to pursue something creative. To share leadership advice from his years in the financial industry, he launched the Leadership Success podcast.

Through the podcast, he was able to build relationships and acquire new skills that were beneficial to him. Furthermore, he discovered that he had something valuable to offer the finance community beyond numbers and spreadsheets.

Achievements and Honors

David Mattison has achieved great success throughout his life, excelling in numerous fields such as business, politics, acting and social activism.

He has proudly served his country for 17 years as a member of the United States Marine Corps and is also proud father to two children.

As a military veteran, David Mattison has earned numerous awards and decorations. These include the Combat Action Ribbon, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Airborne Wings, National Defense Service Medal, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal and Drill Instructor Ribbon among others.

He is an enthusiastic sportsman, having played various sports like football, basketball, soccer and hockey. Additionally, he coaches youth softball and baseball. Currently residing in Mattoon, Illinois with his wife and son, he enjoys spending time outside.

Personal Life

David Mattison is an American TV host and producer who has appeared on shows such as “Roadkill,” “Hot Rod Garage,” and “Engine Masters.” Additionally, he makes money through YouTube content creation.

David is an enthusiastic reader with a love for travel and the great outdoors. He has spent his life discovering new places, cultures and languages.

He has traveled to Mexico, Libya and Greece as well as Israel where he worked as a popsicle stick maker. Nowadays he and his wife reside in New Hampshire.

David boasts an impressive Instagram following, regularly sharing pictures of his family with 40,000 followers.

Net Worth

David Mattison is one of the world’s most successful YouTubers, with an estimated net worth in excess of two million dollars. In addition to generating income through his videos, he also sells a range of merchandise.

He is also co-founder and CEO of Expensify, a cloud-based payroll platform powered by blockchain technology. Additionally, his background in engineering includes leading teams at Red Swoosh and Akamai Technologies.

He boasts a massive social media following, with millions of viewers around the globe watching his videos. Additionally, his talent as an actor has earned him an estimated net worth of several million dollars. Unfortunately, he has also been accused of sexual harassment.

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