David Markman

David Markman

David Markman, a PhD candidate at Colorado State University, is striving to answer one of the most fundamental mysteries about plague. His work may offer insight into how this deadly illness spreads between outbreaks.

Dr. Markman is a board-certified ophthalmologist with more than 59 years of healthcare experience. He holds affiliations at Memorial Hospital Of Gardena, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Early Life and Education

David was an incredibly gifted musician, beginning to play the violin at five years old. His accomplishments earned him many awards and made him a well-known figure within the music community for his virtuoso performances.

David’s musical career was marked by his gold medal win at the renowned International Competition for Young Artists, held annually in St. Petersburg, Russia and featuring some of the finest classical musicians worldwide. This achievement was an amazing victory for him and his family, made possible through Emily Sibley Watson’s generosity as one of town’s most active arts patrons. In addition to her accomplishments in music, she is an eminent cognitive psychologist who specializes in the study of language and thought, early word learning, categorization and induction, theory of mind and pragmatics, implicit theories and conceptual change, as well as how theory-based explanations can be beneficial interventions for promoting healthy behaviors.

Professional Career

David has extensive expertise in intellectual property, litigation and patent prosecution. He has drafted and prosecuted patent applications related to mechanical, electro-mechanical and telecommunication arts as well as provided freedom-to-operate opinions and post grant reviews.

He has extensive experience litigating complex patent, licensing and technology disputes such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and polymer issues. Additionally, he has represented clients in a number of trial venues throughout the US.

He has an in-depth life sciences background and can simplify complex legal matters into practical advice that can be implemented to achieve his client’s business objectives. Furthermore, David recognizes highly successful trial themes that resonate with juries or judges. In addition to litigation practice, David provides consultation on technology strategy, opinions and due diligence.

Achievement and Honors

At Binghamton University, David Markman made a name for himself as an outstanding player on the baseball team. A four-year starter and leader in stolen base totals during his tenure on campus, Markman set a standard that few could match: 72!

Today, David is a patent and intellectual property attorney who excels at coupling the right science with an effective technology strategy to meet his clients’ objectives. His expertise spans biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, bio-defense/public health issues. On a daily basis he advises clients on patent/ trademark prosecution, litigation matters involving technology and intellectual property ownership as well as trial law having presented several high-profile cases before appellate courts.

Personal Life

David Markman has a deep commitment to serving the Las Vegas community. With many years of experience in personal injury law, he has witnessed firsthand how insurance companies treat injured individuals.

Therefore, David chose to dedicate his practice to aiding those who have been wronged by these companies. Through his efforts, David has been able to recover millions of dollars for his clients.

He assists individuals with family law matters such as divorce, child custody and adoption. Additionally, he works pro bono on numerous matters and has volunteered his services with the Innocence Project.

Net Worth

David Markman has earned his fortune through the ownership of his law firm. He represents those injured in accidents or due to the negligence of businesses and insurance companies, with a passion for justice for those who have been wronged. Through these representations, Mr Markman has helped many individuals secure millions of dollars in compensation.

Markman is a lawyer by profession and holds a Ph.D. in biology from Colorado State University, with an interest in infectious diseases. He hopes to pursue a career as either a bio-defense scientist or management consultant, helping prevent outbreaks and improving how science is applied to human health care. Recently, he advised Jeanie Buss and David McLane on an all-female wrestling syndicated TV show; Alcon Entertainment on “Garfield”; Black Label Media on a Korean War drama; and Moto Pictures on their live-action biopic about Enzo Ferrari.

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