David Lespect

David Lespect – A Brief Biography

David Lespect is an award-winning French knife maker known for crafting some of the highest quality slip-joint, fixed blade, and locking folding knives on the market. Learn about his background, atelier and achievements here.

David Lespect offers this artisanal flipper with an 80mm RWL 34 polished stainless steel blade. It comes complete with a leather slip pouch, COA, and sticker.

Early Life and Education

David lespect was born January 2, 1958 in Ville Platte, Louisiana to Gary Landreneau and Mary Lynn Fletcher and later passed away February 23rd 2022 in Houston Texas.

As a child, he was extremely active. He enjoyed participating in sports like basketball and soccer as well as excelling with computers.

Academically, he also excelled, ultimately earning himself a college degree – an important step toward further advancement within his field.

At school, he learned a variety of valuable lessons which would have an immense influence on his later life. Due to his dedication and hard work, he eventually succeeded in his professional career.

Net Worth

David lespect is an iconic celebrity, garnering millions of fans around the globe through hard work and sheer determination.

His net worth is estimated to be an estimated $7 Million derived from salary and endorsements.

He has amassed significant wealth through his soccer career. Even at such an early stage in life, he has amassed notoriety and respect among peers and supporters alike.

Bond Street Partners, owned and managed by him with James Harris as partner, boasts extensive expertise in finance and real estate. Their gross sales reached $120 million during 2013 with another $150 million held escrow for future sales.

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