David Lesniak

David Lesniak

David Lesniak serves as CEO and President of Personiv, an outsourced workforce provider that quickly creates teams and adds specific skills that allow businesses of any size to expand rapidly. With expertise in leadership, company culture and business success he brings an exceptional value proposition.

He has over two decades of experience leading middle market companies on behalf of private equity owners across industries like media and business services. Additionally, he is an opinion columnist for CEOWORLD magazine.

Early Life and Education

Lesniak was raised in Elizabeth’s Second Ward. His mother encouraged him to attend meetings in his ward and ultimately helped him win an Assembly seat in 1977.

In 1983, he was elected to the state Senate and quickly established himself in Union County as one of its most powerful figures. Soon thereafter he emerged as a prominent Democratic Party figure, serving as New Jersey Chairman for both Clinton-Gore and Gore-Liberman presidential campaigns.

As a legislator, he championed progressive issues including environmental sustainability, public education and gay marriage. He is known for the numerous landmark pieces of legislation he introduced. Now focused on economic development by increasing high school graduates while making sure children from low-income families access quality education, his current focus includes economic development.

Professional Career

David Lesniak has had a distinguished and productive career spanning from the trenches to the cloud. Over his nearly 30-year tenure as an IT professional, Lesniak was responsible for some of the most crucial and technologically innovative software released onto the market recently. As such, David is well versed when it comes to understanding what customers want and providing it for them. Within the tech community, David has earned himself an exceptional reputation as an all-round performer – earning numerous accolades and awards along the way. One of his greatest achievements has been creating one of the most sought-after and innovative cloud-based services on the market today. He also holds an unofficial leadership role when it comes to employee morale – something he will continue upholding over time.

Achievement and Honors

David Lesniak is a man of many talents. As the CEO of Personiv, he leads a team of professionals dedicated to offering customized solutions for companies of all sizes. One of his employees spoke highly of him: “It is truly rewarding working at an organization where our work helps improve lives and businesses around the globe.”

Lesniak has also filled key leadership positions within New Jersey government, such as Executive Director of the State Senate, Chairman of its Judiciary Committee and Deputy Secretary. As a State Senator he has been recognized for both his contributions to New Jersey as well as efforts in support of veterans and their families.

Personal Life

David Lesniak earned an outstanding reputation as a progressive champion while serving in the New Jersey State Legislature. He excelled at environmental concerns, gay rights advocacy and drug treatment policies.

He became well-known as an aggressive fundraiser and master of multi-tiered political chess games that often determined who would win election to office in New Jersey. His fundraising machine helped his law firm, Weiner Lesniak, land multimillion-dollar contracts from leaders he supported.

In 2017, he decided to run for governor. Unfortunately, his campaign proved a dismal failure as evidenced by an interview conducted after Phil Murphy won the Democratic primary.

Net Worth

David Lesniak is an immensely successful real estate broker who has amassed millions over five years. He has helped hundreds of clients buy and sell homes. Currently working for Optime Realty in Arlington, Virginia; their services include financial management, accounting, customer care, marketing as well as investments into various real estate projects.

David Lesniak has become both an accomplished designer and influential political figure in New Jersey. In addition to serving as state senator, he chairs several influential committees such as Economic Development and Health and Human Services; additionally he belongs to the Democratic Party and has taken an active part in many key campaigns.

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