David Lendler

David Lendler

David E Lendler is a software programmer. He looks like he’s got plenty going on: dirt under his fingernails, calluses on his hands and paint-splattered clothing are among his many ailments.

He is an effective leader who enjoys working with teenagers, making them feel appreciated as much as possible.

Early Life and Education

David Lendler was raised in a family of educators. From them he learned the value of hard work and respect. Thanks to a scholarship from Yale University he also gained teaching experience by instructing high school students in New Haven, Connecticut.

As part of his career, he has published many books such as Beginning Literacy with Language and Connecting Through Talk. Furthermore, he is an active researcher who studies how preschool children learn. Furthermore, he advocates for enhanced language environments in early childhood classrooms as well as creating playful strategies that help children acquire new words more quickly. Over his tenure he has received multiple awards for both research and teaching efforts; Time magazine included him in their list of “11 Education Activists”, while NewSchools Venture Fund named him one of their Change Agents of the Year award recipients in 2015.

Professional Career

After graduating Dartmouth, Dave embarked on an educational career that eventually included teaching high schoolers about the finer points of American lexicon. Meanwhile, his colleagues at Hartford National Bank marveled at his comic antics and impressive software patent portfolio; finally completing his stay in Hanover by working as a real-life software engineer in NYC while still enjoying quality time with his wife and kids.

Personal Life

David Lendler is an American author specializing in American history. He is best known for his books America Moves West and Young America as well as for his teaching work at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois where he taught for several years prior to receiving a master’s degree from Harvard University and becoming part of various professional associations related to his field.

He had an affinity with teenagers, developing a deep respect through working daily with them. Additionally, he possessed an outstanding aptitude for software programming – as evidenced by founding Erlan Corporation, a cash management consulting company. Furthermore, he received the Sue Kaufman Prize from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.

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