David Himber

David Himber is a Rising Star in Major League Baseball

David Himber was raised in Crown Heights, a mixed neighborhood with strong Jewish ties. His parents owned and operated a small grocery store on Lefferts Boulevard and Albany Avenue near their home.

As a middle school student, he attended Chabad camp. According to him, this life-altering experience left an indelible mark on him.

Early Life and Education

In the early 1950s, Ben and Shirley Himber purchased a grocery store at Lefferts Boulevard and Albany Avenue in Crown Heights with the hope that it would provide enough income to sustain them and their son David.

Himber spent his summer breaks in Crown Heights working at a grocery store and playing handball with friends at Lefferts Park. Additionally, he attended Chabad’s Gan Israel overnight camp in the Catskills.

After returning to North Carolina, Humber dedicated the next decade of his life to furthering his Movement for World Federation. His public speaking across America helped raise awareness of his ideas – which he believed were essential for man’s survival as a civilized species. His efforts were recognized with awards such as the American War Dads Prize (1948), World Government News Medal (for greatest single contribution to world peace, 1948) and American Freedom Association’s Peace Award (1967). Sadly, Humber passed away on October 10th 1966.

Professional Career

David Himber earned three Texas Little League state championships and an impressive college baseball career, showing that he was no slouch when it came to fulfilling his dreams. His professional baseball career included five MLB teams including the New York Mets, Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox; testaments to his tenacity, winning mentality, strong work ethic and sense of humor.

He had a distinguished career in local government, serving as both a member of the Warren County Council and one of its three elected auditors. His interests ranged from sports and finance to family; most importantly, he dedicated most of his life to his wife, loyal dog named Bubba, and two nephews. He will be fondly remembered by those close to him: sports enthusiasts; animal lovers; history buffs; anyone interested in history!

Achievement and Honors

David Himber achieved great success during his high school career, winning three Texas Little League state championships and representing the United States at the World University Baseball Championship. After college baseball at Rice University, David became the winning pitcher in game seven of the 2003 College World Series and was named Rice Player of the Year during his senior season.

He is currently the Dean of Students at Rice University, where he teaches and mentors students. Additionally, he served as president of the Student Council and board member for Phi Kappa Phi’s Rice chapter.

Personal Life

David Himber was a young boy when his parents owned Ben’s Superette grocery store in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Situated at Lefferts Boulevard and Albany Avenue, it was a neighborhood that was predominantly mixed–not totally religious nor entirely Jewish.

He often worked at the store during his summer breaks from yeshivah. One summer, His parents sent him to Gan Israel – an overnight camp established a year earlier by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the Catskill Mountains – where it was his first encounter with a rabbi of the day. Subsequently, His parents would send Himber to Chabad’s youth minyan in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights for further spiritual development.

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