David Harabedian

David Harabedian

David was an Israelite king who reigned over Judah. A successful military leader, David conquered many enemies during his lifetime.

David’s seemingly successful decisions ultimately caused him immense personal suffering, destroyed his family, put in jeopardy his kingdom and ultimately destroyed his legacy.

Professional Career

David Harabedian is a lawyer employed at an established law firm. His experience spans across various areas of the legal field, such as real estate, finance, litigation and insurance.

He is an inventive problem-solver and often discovers solutions he wasn’t even aware of before working with a client. He prioritizes understanding his client’s needs and considering all options before determining which will work best for them.

He is the founder of Finance Career Launch, a blog and podcast dedicated to helping financial professionals build more valuable lives and businesses. Additionally, he serves as a speaker, coach, and mentor.

Personal Life

David Harabedian lives at 10626 Spy Glass Hill Rd in Whittier CA 90601. He has lived there for the past 40 years and enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, camping and hiking.

He is the proud father of three children and grandfather to six. Currently, he’s running for the State Senate in District 25.

She was a four-time all-state gymnast during her high school days and featured on Faces in the Crowd in Sports Illustrated in 2010. After graduating North Carolina State University with honors in Management, she now works at Credit Suisse. As of publication, her Instagram following stands at 24,100 followers; additionally, she has one year-old son Beckham Dash Turner as well as an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million to $5 million.

Net Worth

David Harabedian is an American businessman with a net worth of $1.5 million. He founded Virtual Church Media, a Christian television broadcasting service available on satellite TV to 100 million homes worldwide. Married to Kristen Harabedian, they have one-year-old Beckham Dash Turner as their son. Their net worth is expected to increase annually as they receive substantial endorsement income while living in New Jersey.

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