David Gremmels

David Gremmels ACS Lifetime Achievement Award

Rogue Creamery President David has long championed the craft of cheesemaking. His company is well known in the artisan cheese world for producing award-winning cheeses with sustainable practices in mind.

The American Cheese Society honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious recognition honors those who have contributed significantly to artisan cheese production and improved it for their community.

Early Life and Education

David Cheese hails from a long line of dairy farmers in Herkimer County. His great-great-grandfather Jonathan Burrell arrived from Massachusetts and settled in Salisbury in 1801.

He eventually established himself as a milk dealer and storekeeper – the core business for his family business. Additionally, there was also a small farm with several cattle that provided additional income; however, his primary interest lay with dairy sales.

David was always passionate about food and culinary arts, studying several culinary fields while working in restaurants for several years. Later he turned his focus towards cheese making, opening Smith’s Country Cheese in 1985 as his cheese shop and becoming a dedicated mentor to farmstead cheesemakers throughout New England. His dedication and passion remain indefatigable today.

Professional Career

David is President and Master Cheesemaker of Rogue Creamery, which has earned international acclaim for its artisan cheese production. Additionally, he served as both President and Chair of the American Cheese Society (ACS), while helping create various initiatives such as American Cheese Education Foundation and Oregon Cheese Guild.

He recently earned an esteemed certification from the American Cheese Society as ACS Certified Cheese Professional (CCP), a voluntary certification that recognizes comprehensive cheese knowledge and service. To qualify, one must possess at least 1,000 hours of work experience or formal education within the artisan cheese industry or both.

Achievement and Honors

David Gremmels of Rogue Creamery in Oregon received today a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Cheese Society (ACS). This ACS accolade recognizes those who have dedicated significant portions of their professional careers to cheese-related endeavors and who are respected among their professional colleagues for their accomplishments in that field.

Gremmels was raised in a family that made cheese, and began his career as a dairy farmer before founding Rogue Creamery with Cary Bryant and winning several awards such as an ACS Best of Show Award and SIAL Innovation Award.

Personal Life

David Cheese enjoys spending his free time with his family – grilling, watching Green Bay Packers football games and rowing are among his favorites.

David has always been passionate about supporting dairy farmers and their efforts to produce some of the highest-quality milk available worldwide. Through his work with the California Milk Advisory Board, he provides consumers with direct connections to local dairy producers.

Rogue Creamery has long been an esteemed partner of Harry & David. Their cheeses can be found in entrees, packaged gift baskets, pairing trays and charcuterie products sold through Harry & David. According to Andy Whitticar, merchandise manager at Harry & David, the partnership provides an example of how pairings can elevate an experience and delight customers.

Net Worth

Just the Cheese is a company founded and run by David Scharfman that produces and sells baked cheese snacks made with 100% pure Wisconsin cheese, making them an appealing option for those who wish to avoid gluten or high saturated fats.

Scharfman came to Shark Tank looking for a business partner who could assist with expanding and marketing his crispy cheese snack product, asking for $500,000 and giving up 5% stake of his $10 Million-valued company in exchange for this equity stake.

The Sharks were impressed with the product and thoroughly enjoyed sampling it, though most declined offers of further samples, including Mark Cuban.

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