David Frankl

David Frankl – Critical Care Medicine Specialist

David Frankl is a Critical Care Medicine Specialist currently practicing at Eastern New Mexico Med Ctr RDO in Roswell, NM.

He is renowned for his pioneering work in logotherapy, Man’s Search for Meaning. This bestseller book draws heavily upon his experiences at Auschwitz but it may not accurately reflect all details.

Early Life and Education

Frankl earned a medical degree in 1930 and began studying psychiatry and neurology. He was inspired by Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler, but eventually dissented from both institutions.

He developed an interest in suicide, particularly among adolescents. To combat this trend, he organized a counseling center for high school students and helped reduce the number of suicides in Vienna.

Frankl and his wife Tilly Grosser were deported to a Nazi concentration camp near Prague in 1942. Despite these hardships, he managed to emerge and become renowned for his work as both psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Professional Career

Frankl was a medical doctor and psychiatrist renowned for his reflections on life’s meaning. He wrote a book about his experiences in concentration camps that was translated into multiple languages and became an international bestseller.

He also developed a form of psychotherapy he called logotherapy, and taught and lectured on the topic.

He continued to study and refine his philosophy while working in the psychiatric field, publishing several books along the way. However, some critics questioned whether or not his experiences in concentration camps had had any influence on him.

Achievement and Honors

David Frankl earned a variety of honors throughout his career. He authored 31 books and gained notoriety as an esteemed psychiatrist.

He specialized in medical psychology, existential psychotherapy and Logotherapy. He provided counseling to those facing life-threatening illnesses.

Frankl believed that the purpose of someone’s life is not determined by their circumstances but rather their free choices and capacity to envision a larger context for it, including relationships.

His work helped to bridge a philosophical chasm in psychology, connecting it to spirituality. His philosophy has had an immense impact on Logotherapy and has wider ramifications for psychology as a whole.

Personal Life

David Frankl’s parents and brother were all taken captive in concentration camps. He was also separated from his wife Tilly Grosser who passed away near the end of World War II in Bergen-Belsen.

After his release from the camp, Frankl established himself as an accomplished psychologist in Vienna. He wrote his renowned book Man’s Search for Meaning within nine days of release – which has since sold millions of copies around the world.

He believed that his survival of the Holocaust provided him with an opportunity to find meaning in life. Rather than dwelling on his pain, he used it as fuel for inspiration to people around the globe.

Net Worth

David Frankl is an American screenwriter and producer with a net worth of $5 Million. His resume boasts numerous credits, such as Miami Rhapsody and Dear Diary.

His father was a renowned businessman and his mother an accomplished nurse. Together with their twin sister Annabelle, he founded My Yacht to offer high net worth clients hospitality packages at some of the world’s premier events.

Mr Frankl travels the globe on his superyacht, hosting parties for the rich and famous at destinations such as Monaco, Cannes and Antigua Sailing Week. To ensure his events run seamlessly, he employs 30 crew members who ensure everything runs seamlessly and attract an affluent roster of guests from around the globe. On Channel 4’s How’d You Get So Rich series, he shares how it all happens.

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