David Fortner

David Fortner – Addiction Medicine Physician

David Fortner is an Addiction Medicine Physician located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. He conducts assessments to determine which treatments are necessary for each patient and provides them with personalized recommendations.

He had been part of the WinStar stable for more than a decade. On Wednesday, however, he announced his departure to open his own public stable.

Early Life and Education

David Fortner was born in 1910 in Florida to Mitchell Fortner and Belle Fortner.

He served on the Florida State University Board of Governors and National Association of School Boards, serving as vice president for six years on their board.

His wife Judy served on the college’s board. Together they had two daughters: Michelle Lynn and Erin Stacy.

Education and training were of the utmost importance in his life. He had a fascination for nature, loved fishing and hunting alike, and wanted to share this love of outdoor exploration with others. So he became an instructor with TWRA program; teaching hunter education, boater education and trapper education courses with great success. A true educator, his efforts helped shape the community around him.

Professional Career

David Fortner (MPA ’02), an IPA alum, came to the University of Delaware for his master’s work with an already extensive background in volunteerism and community development. His internship eventually led to a full-time position with the City of Newark, Del.

Fortner has extensive planning experience and oversees two important programs for low-income Newarkers: the Community Development Block Grant and Revenue Sharing Program. He’s also active in other advisory committees like the Bicycle Committee and Newark Transit Subcommittee.

Olmedo filed a lawsuit alleging that Fortner made repeated harassing remarks about his race and used racial slurs at him and other coworkers. Additionally, he noted instances of Fortner drinking beer during work shifts.

Achievement and Honors

As an educator, Fortner has earned a variety of distinctions. He was awarded the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation’s statewide award for excellence in teaching and education, and his work at TCC Northeast, where he served as department chair and professor of psychology and sociology, has also been recognized.

As director of Newark’s Community Development Block Grant program, Fortner coordinates all city efforts to provide housing and economic development assistance to area residents. He administers several initiatives such as a home-ownership and rehabilitation program for income-qualified first-time buyers and an affordable-housing initiative that assists low-income homeowners.

In addition to his leadership role at the city, he serves on the Delaware Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Rehabilitation Officials as well as Wilmington Area Planning Council’s technical advisory committee. Additionally, he has contributed his expertise to regional and state projects, while serving on a local committee that reviews funding applications from nonprofit organizations and community groups in the region.

Personal Life

David Fortner is an enthusiastic Kentuckian who shows his pride in his state’s athletics with pride. You can see it in his Kentucky fedora that pushes down on his ears and the Big Blue Nation scarf wrapped around his neck.

He enjoys sports, music and traveling with his family – especially his daughter.

He is the President of Fortner Engineering and an industry veteran with 23+ years in finance/economics as well as sales/marketing. Currently he sits on both the company’s board of directors and local Young Presidents Organization.

Net Worth

David Fortney boasts a net worth of $1 million dollars. Through hard work and success, he has amassed an impressive fortune.

David is an esteemed author, speaker and estate planning expert. He collaborates with CPAs, attorneys and other financial advisors to assist clients in building a secure financial future.

He collaborates with estate planning professionals to address internal quality of life issues for their clients, which has cemented him as an authority in this area.

David is a divorced man with no wife. He and Maria share the joy of raising their daughter Eva Jean.

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