David Falco

David Falco

Austrian singer-songwriter David Falco is best known for his 1985 synth-pop hit “Rock Me Amadeus”, a whimsical ode to 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Born Johann Holzel, Falco was an international sensation in his early twenties. Although he achieved great success through music, his personal life became increasingly complicated with alcohol and drug problems.

Early Life and Education

On June 1, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, Richard David Falco was adopted by middle-aged Jewish couple Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz who changed his first and middle names to David Richard Berkowitz.

He was considered a bright child, but soon lost interest in school and started engaging in petty larceny. Additionally, his dangerous habit of setting things ablaze only compounded this.

His parents divorced shortly after his birth, and he was given up for adoption. This adoption proved to be a difficult journey for him, particularly after the passing of his adoptive mother at fourteen. As a teenager, he struggled to adjust to life in the United States as well as build a relationship with his adoptive dad.

Professional Career

David Falcon is one of New Paltz’s most successful businesspeople, yet he maintains an air of modesty. As owner and manager of The Falcon, a Hudson Valley music venue that draws some of the region’s renowned artists to its three stages, David remains humble throughout it all.

He is an author and teacher. His works include Wolf Moon Blood Moon (LSU, 2017), a collection of poetry and short fiction, Toughs, as well as several novels such as The Family Corleone.

Falco’s career took an unfavorable turn when he was accused of using Roberta’s email account to organize a music festival with former employee John Litschi, whom he fired in 2014. Additionally, emails revealed that Falco continued using Roberta’s equipment and ingredients for non-Roberta events.

Achievements and Honors

David Falco is an author and educator. He has penned multiple works, such as a novel and poetry collection. Additionally, David has contributed articles to literary journals and websites.

His artworks question the romantic interpretation of landscape and their reification in nature. Utilizing high definition images from Friedrich paintings combined with contemporary images, he hybridizes different sources to create subtle interactions of scales, associations of ideas and formal or temporal superpositions.

On June 1, 1953, Richard David Falco was given up for adoption and raised by Jewish couple Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz, who renamed him David Richard Berkowitz. Later he joined the Marines as a Patrol Explosive Dog Handler before tragically losing his life along with K-9 partner Flex in Afghanistan.

Personal Life

David Berkowitz was an intelligent young boy with a penchant for petty theft and an extreme case of pyromania, or compulsive burning.

Born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, Falco was quickly taken in by a middle-aged Jewish couple. Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz changed his name to David Richard Berkowitz and welcomed him into their family.

He was a Son of Sam serial killer who often targeted couples sitting in parked cars. His anger about his conception and belief that he had an obligation to protect young women may have motivated his violent actions.

Net Worth

David Falco was an infamous serial killer, responsible for the deaths of six people and wounding seven more in New York City.

On June 1, 1953, he was born in Brooklyn, New York to Betty Broder from an impoverished Jewish family.

She married Tony Falco, an Italian-American man, but they divorced later. They had one daughter together named Roslyn.

When Broder became pregnant with her second child, she began an affair with married man Joseph Kleinman. When the baby was born, Kleinman threatened to abandon her if she kept the infant.

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