David Donaghue

David Donaghue

Ambassador david donaghue has long been an active supporter of issues surrounding the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. He has provided insight and assistance through think tanks and academic institutions on these matters.

David participates in several community involvement projects, one being his efforts promoting and protecting all forms of life from conception to natural death.

Early Life and Education

David Donaghue was born in 1866 to John O’Donoghue and Bridget Griffin O’Donoghue.

Donaghue graduated from University College Dublin in 1897. Following this he took up work as librarian of Dublin’s Gilbert Library.

He edited the writings of Samuel Lover and William Carleton as well as publishing biographies about them.

Donaghue used his free time as an independent music supervisor for film. He composed soundtracks for Vinnie Murphy’s Irish movie Accelerator and Jim Sheridan’s feature film In America.

Donaghue also worked as producer director on RTE’s Arts programme “Opening Nights,” as well as series creator of BBC 2 documentary series “Turf Wars.” Additionally, Donaghue has written several children’s books such as Walter Speazelbud which was nominated as book of the month on RTE Arts Programme “Rattlebag,” and selected as Christmas Book Choice on “Late Late Show.” Additionally, his work has been showcased across newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Professional Career

David is an experienced litigator, jury trial and appeals expert and the head of Holland & Knight’s national Intellectual Property group. His area of focus includes patent, trademark and copyright disputes as well as technology licensing matters for clients.

His experience combines practical legal expertise gained in-house with extensive litigation expertise, helping companies avoid expensive and time-consuming disputes. He is a sought-after speaker on topics related to patent law, technology issues and litigation matters.

Partner of the Firm’s Chicago Office and represents public and private company clients in mergers & acquisitions, commercial transactions and general corporate advice matters. He serves on both Business Litigation Groups within the Firm.

Achievement and Honors

David Donoghue has accomplished much during his distinguished career and been honored with numerous awards. As Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the UN in New York City – on request by President of General Assembly – he co-facilitated negotiations leading up to adoption of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by UN.

He served as one of the Irish Government’s negotiators during negotiations for the groundbreaking Good Friday Agreement that created an environment for lasting peace and stability in Northern Ireland. A man of integrity who made great contributions both domestically and abroad.

Personal Life

David Donaghue, former Irish ambassador to the UN and Director-General of Ireland’s development co-operation program, is an outspoken pro-life activist. One of his goals is distributing leaflets outside abortion clinics that illustrate human life’s value and beauty while fighting back against lies and manipulation that support an abortion culture in today’s society.

He was an active member of the Catholic church and an unfailing servant of Christ, as well as being an incredible father and grandfather. He leaves behind his beloved wife Maria Donaghue of Quincy; daughter Victoria Donaghue with husband Dennis from Haverhill; son Michael Donaghue with wife Elizabeth of Revere; granddaughter Savanah Mackie from Haverhill; mother Margaret Donaghue as well as Kathleen Donaghue both living in Westboro; brothers Brian Donaghue of Braintree, Harold Donaghue of Quincy and Francis Donaghue of Boston as well as numerous extended family.

Net Worth

David Donaghue is an American television personality with an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Since 1968, he has been making waves in the entertainment world through acting, writing and hosting roles – winning several awards along the way.

David Donaghue is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million according to various sources, which was obtained through earnings in film and television industry.

David was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 5, 1967 to furniture salesmen father and shoe store clerk mother. He attended St Edward High School – an exclusive Catholic prep school run by the Congregation of Holy Cross – from which he graduated.

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