David Creech

David Creech Joins XBA As an Interim Principal

A plant explorer and collector, David Creech is a professor of horticulture at Stephen F. Austin State University and director of the Mast Arboretum.

He will receive the 2022 Outstanding International Horticulturist Award from the American Society for Horticultural Science recognizing his decades-long contributions to international horticultural science, education and research. He will be honored at the 119th annual conference in Chicago.

Early Life and Education

The early years are the most critical stage in a child’s development, providing the foundation for future learning, behavior and health. It is also the time when children develop their social skills and build relationships with teachers, peers and parents.

In addition, these years are also the time when young children learn to read and write. This is important because it helps them understand their world and how they can express themselves.

While some children are born with a natural talent for writing, many don’t begin to develop it until they are older. It’s a common misconception that writing is something only girls do, but that’s not true.

Professional Career

Creech has worked as a solutions-focused business leader, embracing servant leadership philosophies. He helps organizations and teams realize their full potential, creating a culture that is more customer driven and aligned to business goals.

He also has experience in the medical field and specializes in refractive eye surgery, such as cataract and LASIK procedures. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

He has received many awards and honors in his professional career. One of the most notable is being named a Premier Surgeon, which means he has additional expertise in IDEAL IMPLANT breast implants.

Achievements and Honors

Scarborough’s former principal, David Creech, has been hired as an interim principal in Winthrop. He began work in the position on Aug. 16 and received a salary of $76,000, according to his contract.

He was at the center of a controversy this year when he resigned from Scarborough High School and claimed that the district’s superintendent forced him out. He had been supported by many parents and teachers in the town who disagreed with new district policies on proficiency-based learning and school start times.

He is a certified ophthalmologist who specializes in eye and vision correction surgery. He is also a top-rated doctor with Vitals, an online medical review site that rates doctors based on their patient ratings. He has been recognized with the On-Time + Promptness Award, which is awarded to doctors who receive consistently high ratings for promptness in appointments.

Personal Life

David Creech has been a member of the XBA community since 2006. He also works as a Community Manager for the site.

He has a lot of experience working with clients and helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. He is committed to offering patients excellent care and ensuring they have a positive surgical experience.

He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and an outstanding track record of success. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality care, and his entire staff helps ensure that every patient is satisfied with their results.

Net Worth

Creech, a lawyer, has an estimated net worth of at least $121 thousand dollars. He owns 2,000 units of VRML stock.

He also has a large portfolio of professional liability claims, including insurance bad faith and construction litigation. He has published analyses of legal precedents and trends, and he is often engaged to speak on professional workshops and seminars.

Creech is a member of Adopt, a marketing and creative agency in partnership with Rich Paul, who is the sports agent for NBA superstar LeBron James. In an interview last year, Creech and his partners spoke about a white space in the industry where they believe Adopt can make an impact.

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