David Craft

David Craft

David craft is a director of wealth and investments at FNBO. He focuses on building relationships with private foundations, endowments and corporate entities.

He is also a board member of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region and United Tenants of Albany, Inc. He enjoys fly fishing and other outdoor activities.

Early Life and Education

Dave Craft grew up on a farm in Delaware and was very familiar with picking weeds by hand. This taught him a strong work ethic that shaped his life and career.

He was a proud patriot who loved America and studied the Constitution. He was very intelligent and could easily argue the case for his opinions.

He was a loyal and brave man who was willing to stand up for his friends and family. He had a big personality and could spin a story like no other. He will be deeply missed by his many friends and family members.

Professional Career

Craft’s professional career is a well-rounded one that includes a long list of accomplishments in the field of law. As a staff attorney in the Community Economic Development Clinic within The Justice Center at Albany Law School, David specialized in representing individuals and groups who were looking to form small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

He’s also a licensed contractor who has worked on a wide range of construction projects. A true doer, David enjoys heading to the job site, troubleshooting and mentoring his team. When he’s not on the job, David loves to play softball and spend time with his family. He holds a BSBA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and is CFA, CIMA and CIMC certified. He and his wife Sandy have two daughters.

Achievements and Honors

David has made a number of important contributions to organizations that support his passions for the arts and education. He has also received several awards for his achievements.

A 1970 magna cum laude graduate of Duke, he has served as Chair of the Board of Trustees since 2013. His contributions have helped improve campus life through renovations and construction projects.

The Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University educates tomorrow’s leaders and improves the quality of public policymaking through teaching, research and professional training. In 2013, David gave a gift that supports graduate fellowships, undergraduate internships and an initiative to increase the school’s engagement with public policy.

Personal Life

David Craft has had an incredibly successful career, earning millions of dollars. He is currently an award-winning journalist for ABC and his salary is believed to be between $5-$7 million a year.

When not working, david likes to relax in the outdoors with his family. He enjoys fishing, golfing and reading.

He has two daughters and a son who he spoils. He also has a pet dog.

David is a big fan of Israel and believes in giving back to society. He created a family foundation to do just that.

Net Worth

David craft is a founder and partner at Craft Ventures, an investment firm that invests in a variety of tech startups. His net worth is estimated to be $80 million.

He is a self-made man who has used his wealth to create positive change in the world. He has been investing in a wide range of industries and is actively involved in philanthropic causes.

He has also made a name for himself in the restaurant business, opening Momofuku Nishi and Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City. He has also appeared on several TV shows and is known for his passion for food.

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