David Coffeen

David Coffeen

David Coffeen, from the United States, is well-recognized as an active member of the Sierra Foundation National Council.

He currently works with RBC Capital Markets in Phoenix, AZ as an Investment Advisor, registered to provide advice in both Arizona and California.

Early Life and Education

David Coffeen was an esteemed educator in Jefferson County. Born circa 1805 in New York to Moses Coffeen and Zala Williams (nee Coffeen), David became known as one of the county’s first prominent teachers.

Early in his life, he worked as a store clerk before transitioning into teaching school in various rural districts across Illinois.

At various times in his career, he served as supervisor, town clerk, assessor and constable; additionally he held jobs as a poundmaster and fence-viewer.

He was also responsible for establishing West Carthage’s first hydraulic grist mill on Black River in 1806. Additionally, he helped construct its first bridge between West and Carthage as well as setting up its inaugural ferry service – these achievements cemented his place in regional history.

Professional Career

David has had an extraordinary 30-year career in coffee. A self-taught brewer and connoisseur, he has led SCAE since its inception with expertise that spans 18 years of business experience.

Although the global coffee industry is facing major challenges, David remains optimistic that speciality latte art movement will stand the test of time. Furthermore, he boasts several big ideas and an ever-growing list of high-profile clients whom he counts as peers; during just this past year alone his budgetary constraints have eased and collaboration opportunities have blossomed; what ultimately distinguishes David is his unwavering dedication to his craft; this makes him ideal to help pave the way for next generation professionals.

Achievement and Honors

David Coffeen has achieved much during his long and distinguished career. He has received many honors and awards for his expertise in acoustics and audio visual technology.

He has also served as a mentor to numerous students, helping them reach their full potential in the industry.

His achievements include receiving the Per Haugen Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Society of College and University Administrators (NSCA) as well as receiving their University Educator of the Year honor three times.

Personal Life

David Coffeen was an extraordinary individual who lived a remarkable life. Though faced with many obstacles throughout, he always managed to find ways of overcoming them and make himself heard in life.

He battled through numerous health issues with incredible determination and became a highly successful husband and father. Furthermore, he was known for being very kind-hearted and generous towards those closest to him – love was something which came first for him!

He was deeply connected to Lockhart community and decided to make it his home. Although there were opportunities for work nearby, he always chose staying home and dedicating himself fully to his family life with Carol as his partner. They built an exceptional bond together.

Net Worth

David Coffeen is an American investment banker working at RBC Capital Markets headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

He has 25 years of experience and holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses to offer investment advice to clients in Arizona and California.

He is also a televangelist and author, dedicated to religion, uplifting the poor and education. As part of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas – his ministry can be found mainly through television broadcasts, books and collections; some criticize his methods or dependence on church funds for support; he owns three private jets for trips to resorts or personal vacations as well as being an avid philanthropist who has collaborated with numerous charities.

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